Insulation & Air Sealing Customer Testimonial from Brittany H. in Phoenix, NY

I am reaching out to you regarding an employee that I feel needs to be recognized (for not only his impressive knowledge, exceptional inspection skills, and his ability to multi-task while listening to 2 children run wild and 2 adults asking him several HUNDRED questions), but also his ability to maintain such a personal conversation while still being professional enough to represent Halco Energy. 

Too often, as people with "professional careers", we forget that not everyone comes from our backgrounds in business/ education, etc. We forget that certain terms, gestures, and sources of communication can be so easily misconstrude, and our lack of "personalism", is often a reflection of "ego". A reflection that is commonly deposited on the employer the person is representing. 
In this case however, I have been exceedingly satisfied. The job these employees are subjected to is extremely time consuming and physical. Between introduction, inspection, reporting, paperwork, and (I can only imagine) several, yes several moments of questioning, an individual designed to handle this type of assignment would need to posess an immsense amount of patience, personality, empathy, and a strong will to REFRAIN from judgement. Judgement which can come so effortlessly when dealing with a specific population; that of poverty. 
As a professional who is exposed to elements within someone elses home, I can only imagine the stress one must face entering that house and being expected to interact with people they know nothing about.  
I can only say this, if I had to recommend Halco Energy to anyone, based upon my interaction with Mr. Jamie Kluk, I absolutely, without hesisitation would. I can only hope my interaction with him, and this review, will prepare this company in the future to set the bar even higher when looking at potentially new recruits! Because as any businessman/woman knows, THAT individual is the face of your company, and their every move is a precise delineation of you.
- Brittany H. of Phoenix, NY
Thursday, November 1st

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