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We offer solar panel installations in greater Rochester, Syracuse, and Ithaca, New York

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Benefits of Renewable Energy

  • Clean and green — no air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduced dependence on foreign oil.
  • Rebates are available to offset solar panel installation costs.
  • Major energy savings after a solar panel system is installed.
  • “Off-the-grid” capability during power outages.

By its name alone, you know that “renewable energy” has to be a good thing. While fossil fuels like oil and coal require labor and fuel to be extracted from the earth, and even more energy to be refined and transported, solar energy is simply available for the taking. It’s no wonder that more and more people are interested in harnessing these natural renewable resources.

As a full-service renewable energy company, our focus is on providing you with a comfortable home for less. Halco offers a wide range of renewable energy options for residential and commercial buildings in and around Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, as well as Webster, Lansing, Fairport, Auburn, Cortland, Canandaigua, Pittsford. We install solar panels and energy, solar heating, and geothermal heat pumps in Yates, Ontario, Cayuga, Steuben, and Seneca Counties.

How the system works

At the molecular level of heat transfer, solar electric collectors convert solar radiation directly into electricity. Solar radiation strikes a solar cell, usually made of a semi-conductor such as silicon, and causes it to release electrons. Because the voltage of a single solar cell is low, many cells are connected in series to form a module. The modules are wired together to form an array. The array may be mounted on the roof or a rack built on the ground.

The electricity generated by a solar electric system may be used immediately, stored in batteries, or returned to the utility grid. In the latter case, homeowners receive credit for what is produced, lowering their electric bill. In effect, the utility company serves as "storage" for electricity that's produced during periods of the day when you don't need it. It's also there as a backup for cloudy periods when you aren't producing much electricity.

Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate for installing a renewable energy system. Begin generating your own electricity! We service Ithaca, Rochester, Syracuse, Auburn, Webster, Lansing, Pittsford, Cortland, Canandaigua, Fairport, and the surrounding New York area.

Types of solar electric collectors

installing solar panels New York

Chrystalline solar modules can be made from monocrystalline or polycrystalline cells. Together they comprise the vast majority of solar modules on the market today. Monocrystalline cells are made by slicing manmade silicon crystal ingots, or loaves, into wafers. The wafers look like thin pieces of glass. Polycrystalline cells are made similarly, except that the ingot is formed from masses of smaller crystals, not a single crystal. Polycrystalline wafers resemble frost crystals on a window.

Thin film collectors are made by depositing various semiconductor materials in very thin layers on various substrates, including glass and flexible backings. Amorphous crystalline silicon is the most widely used, despite having a lower efficiency than other semiconductors. When the semiconductor material is protected by glass and is not flexible, the thin-film solar collectors are referred to as modules. When the semiconductor material is protected by a flexible cover, thin film solar collectors are called laminates, not modules. Thin film modules and laminates are significantly less efficient than crystalline modules, but their $/watt (DC) cost is lower, too. They are lightweight, too. In fact, laminates weigh up to 10 times less than crystalline modules.

Nevertheless, thin-film modules and laminates account for a small fraction of total solar module sales, partly because they require 2.5 to 4 times more roof space to produce the same kW-hr/yr output. The residential applications that have drawn the greatest interest for thin film PV are standing seam metal roofs and 'solar shingles.' Many people like the concept, even though they get less electricity from them than they would from an array of modular solar electric collectors of the same area.

Why solar?

Roof mounted solar panels installed by Halco

Solar electric systems are clean, reliable systems that produce electricity from the sun. Most systems meet 70-110% of their client's annual electric needs. In addition to being an important step towards sustainability, they are a good investment and provide security against future energy costs.

    • Customers no longer have to worry about rising energy rates
    • Receive credits for any electricity you produce and send back to the utility grid
    • Halco offers free in-home estimates to find the solar electric system that works best for you

Solar energy incentives for New York customers

New York solar incentives

Residential: $.35 per watt up to 25kW Commercial: $.40 per watt up to 50kW and $0.30 per watt from 50kW to 200kW

Federal Tax Credit
Solar PV, uncapped at 30%

NY State Tax Credit
25%, up to $5,000

Solar panel installation by Halco from start to finish

Take a look at a time-lapse video of the installation process of a ground mounted solar panel system in NY.

Solar photovoltaic & solar panel options

The two most common types of solar electric systems are grid-connected only systems, and grid-connected critical load battery backup systems.

  • Both systems interconnect into your home's electrical system through a subpanel or main service panel.
  • The electricity generated by these systems is used to meet your own home's needs first, and then any extra is fed back to the utility for full retail credit under New York's net-metering laws.
  • Grid-connected-only systems do not operate in the event of a utility power outage.
  • Grid-connected critical load battery backup systems, on the other hand, allow the solar electric system to continue to work during utility outages. The purpose of these systems is to allow the solar electric system to act like a generator during grid failure. Grid-connected critical load battery backup systems are still grid-connected and take advantage of net-metering.

Meet the ultimate solar battery solution

Cobalt-free Solar Battery System in Syracuse

Sonnen designs the smartest and safest solar battery systems, keeping homes running no matter what — even during a power outage. Sonnen has manufactured 50,000 cobalt-free batteries since 2010, making them the global pioneer in energy storage technology. With superior craftsmanship, an unbeatable manufacturer's warranty, and seamless integration, you can have absolute confidence in sonnen's solar battery systems.

Healthier, cleaner energy for your home

Sonnen's reliable eco and ecoLinx energy storage units reduce your carbon footprint and keep the lights on when paired with one of our solar panel systems.

Intelligent energy storage with the sonnen eco unit
Solar Energy System in Rochester

The sonnen eco energy storage system provides clean, safe, and long-lasting energy and security to your home.

Benefits of the eco solar battery system:

  • Store clean energy by day and use it whenever you need it — even during a power outage
  • Our safe, long-lasting solar battery system keeps your family home powered and comfortable
  • The eco energy storage system comes with a 10-year/10,000 cycle warranty
  • The energy storage system is scalable from 5-20KWH
Smart energy storage management with the ecoLinx
sonnen Solar Battery System installation in Ithaca

Sonnen's ecoLinx is a revolutionary innovation in energy storage, as it integrates clean electricity with home automation and intelligent, safe solar battery technology.

Benefits of the ecoLinx solar battery system:

  • The ecoLinx provides safe and intelligent solar energy storage management in smart homes on your terms
  • You can pair smart home technology with the ecoLinx, giving you the power to choose which devices control your home during an outage
  • The ecoLinx comes with a 15-year/15,000 cycle warranty
  • The ecoLinx is scalable from 12-20 kwh or 30 kwh


High-quality & safe solar battery systems by sonnen

sonnen Solar Battery System Installer in Lansing

When it comes to developing a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly solar energy system, chemistry is king. As a sonnen Preferred Contractor, Halco is certified to provide high-quality service and stands by the lithium-iron-phosphate technology in all sonnen products — which are recognized for their stability, durability, performance, and environmental friendliness.

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Why is it a great time to invest in solar panels?

Environmentalists and other green-living advocates used to be the main cheerleaders for renewable energy. But today renewable energy has entered the mainstream of energy options for homes and businesses. Several factors are making renewable energy systems more attractive than ever before:

  1. Increased resale value.

    Solar panels may not only save you money each month, but in addition, investing in solar has the potential to increase the value of your home

  2. Volatile global energy prices.

    Political instability in oil-producing countries, combined with increasing global demand for fuel, will continue to drive up the price of fossil fuels. Generating your own renewable energy protects you from price changes and further fixes your energy costs.
  3. Lower installation costs for renewable energy systems.

    Ongoing innovation in the renewable energy sector has driven down the price of PV panels and other renewable energy systems. To make the deal even better, rebates from federal, state, and local programs can offset the cost of these systems. (An up-to-date list of financial incentives can be found at

Tax incentives for renewable energy

There are tax credits and grants available to homeowners that invest in renewable energy systems for their homes. You can reduce your federal taxes by 30% of the cost of installing a geothermal heat pump or solar energy system thanks to the tax credits renewed in the Inflation Reduction Act. To learn more about these and other tax credits and incentives available, visit our incentives and rebates page.

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Which renewable energy system is best for you?

  • Solar photovoltaic.

    This type of renewable energy system is also referred to as solar panels or simply “PV.” PV technology turns the sun’s radiant energy into electricity that can power household appliances directly, charge a bank of batteries, or feed back to your local electric utility (earning you credit on future grid-supplied power).
  • Geothermal heating & cooling.

    Sometimes referred to as a “ground-source heat pump,” this system combines the heat-exchange power of refrigerant technology with the steady temperature of the earth at depths below 8 ft. or so. A geothermal heat pump is powered by electricity but can be three times more efficient than other HVAC systems. Geothermal HVAC typically provides heating, cooling, and hot water for washing. No separate water heater is required.
  • Integrated systems.

    It often makes sense to utilize more than one renewable energy system. For example, many homeowners are choosing to install geothermal systems that can be powered at least part of the time by solar panels.

Halco's Renewable Energy Division specializes in designing and installing clean, reliable renewable solar panel systems for residential clients throughout Central New York, including the Ithaca, Rochester, and Syracuse metro areas.

Specifically, we specialize in solar electric, solar heating, and geothermal heating systems. These systems are reliable, responsible, and more affordable than ever. With our extensive knowledge and significant experience designing and building these systems in New York, we are excited to meet your needs and make your home more comfortable and sustainable.

We are your resource for renewable energy in the Finger Lakes including Ithaca, Rochester, Syracuse, Auburn, Webster, Lansing, Pittsford, Cortland, Canandaigua, Fairport, , and the surrounding cities and towns. We also install insulation and energy-efficient water heaters and provide heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical services.

Schedule a home energy assessment and let us diagnose your energy issues today!

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