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Our Professional Energy Services in The Finger Lakes Area

Halco's energy services offers clients with existing facilities to take advantage of retro-commissioning and systems upgrades, where the energy saved pays for the investment, to ultimately provide a return on investment that far exceeds any return the stock market is providing today.

Energy Services: The Process

The process of performance contracting has been around for years, as energy costs continue to rise the necessity and opportunity to save money continues to grow. The main aspect of performance contracting is that its savings pay for the investment. The bottom line, if we can't show where the return on investment is viable, then it isn't a project.

Site Evaluation

We will offer a free consultation where a representative will visit your facility and do a broad stroke of your energy usage and complete a survey with you or your facilities manager. At that time a determination will be made if there is enough opportunity with in your building to be a viable project. We at this time will ask you to provide us with at least one years utility bills. Once the evaluation is complete and we find there is opportunity and you have decided you would like to move forward. We will complete a free Energy Assessment.

Energy Assessment

The energy assessment is where we come in to your facility and do a more detailed assessment of your energy usage and system and evaluate where the potential for improvements are. This also, is usually a free service, the deliverable from this assessment is a list of possible improvements with an estimated cost of improvement, along with a return of investment and energy saved calculation.

The ultimate goal is to end up with a document that describes the age condition and efficiency of your existing energy consuming systems and compile a list of sensible options to pursue further. At which time we set up a meeting and go over the document and potential options to pursue further.

Commercial Energy assessments in New York

Once the assessment is reviewed and the decision is made to explore further energy conservation measures. Then there is a need to do more homework to more accurately calculate the savings from the investment. This involves the use of energy modeling software and more engineering. This service is usually completed for a small fee that is usually waived if the project is determined to be viable and a contract to complete the work is signed.

Though our calculations may be conservative, so we make sure we don't over promise, we still need to produce a fair amount of work to have the utmost confidence in our projections of savings.

When the energy assessment is complete, we offer a variety of commercial energy upgrades in and around Rochester, Ithaca, Syracuse, including renewable energy, HVAC, plumbing services, electrical services and more.

The Project

Once the decision is made to sign a contract and move forward with the proposed work we commence and complete the work in the same professional timely manner, as we do all our projects.

Our goal is to coordinate with your staff, so the work is completed in such a manner as to reduce any down time to a bare minimum. Down time can be considered part of the cost of the project and potentially alter the projected savings overall.

Once completed we will provide a comprehensive manual that contains all of the pertinent information about the equipment, materials and systems installed in your facility and all of the information on how to care for the systems in the future. We will also include the maintenance agreement for the systems to be maintained properly, by us. The reason for this is to ensure the savings will be accurate, we must take on the responsibility of maintaining the systems, by doing this we make sure the equipment and systems are constantly working to the best of its ability and efficiency.

Measurement and Verification

Once the project is complete and operational, we begin the measurement and verification process. This is basically monitoring your usage over the next 12 months to compare to our projections and determine that we are on task with our projections or if further commissioning is required to reach our goals.

It is usually a case where the projections are exceeded, in this case the project is continued to be looked after by our trained technicians to ensure the proper operation and the return begins to happen. Once the time period where the savings are paying for the investment is over, you are left with the positive cash flow that was intended for the project.

Please call Shad Cook in our office today to make an initial appointment, or email him at: [email protected]

Halco proudly services Ithaca, Rochester, Syracuse, Webster, Lansing, Fairport, Auburn, Cortland, Canandaigua, Pittsford and other neighborhoods throughout The Finger Lakes area of New York.

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