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The original furnace in Honey and Steven G.'s home in Port Byron, NY was running non-stop during the winter. It would often overheat the house way above the set temperature. As a result, not only they had an uncomfortable home but their energy bills were also extremely high. The couple then decided to call Halco to replace their outdated oil furnace with a brand new geothermal heating system. In this video the couple talks about the results. Their home is much more comfortable and the energy bill is much lower each month. The air in their home is also much cleaner. According to the couple, there is less dust and since the new geothermal system was installed the chronic night time headaches Steven used to have vanished completely. "We both couldn't be any happier", says Steven. "It is worth every penny and... just incredible!"
Steven & Honey G. of Port Byron, NY
Monday, July 25th
Because Ron and Nancy of Blossvale, NY had plans to construct their retirement home, it made sense to consider geothermal and solar as part of the planning process. Hal Smith, owner and CEO of Halco, met with Ron and Nancy during the planning process and it became clear to the couple that creating an energy independent home was completely possible. Once they crunched all the numbers, they realized they could complete the energy projects within their construction budget and begin seeing a return on investment as soon as they were hooked up to the grid. They were looking at a 6-10-year payback at the onset and at year 4 they are well on their way to reaching that goal! Ron stated, “In our five decades of adult life we have rarely experienced the attention to detail and customer satisfaction that we received from Hal Smith and his company. Our recommendation to any inquirer is to start planning now, get started soon, and contract with Halco.” 
Ron C. of Blossvale, NY
Thursday, August 10th
Jennifer T.'s home in Rochester, NY had some serious comfort issues and her energy bills were sky high, so she decided to call Halco for help.  She had seen Halco before during area home shows and felt she could trust them to convert her heating system from oil to gas.  A Halco Home Performance specialist came to her house and after a thorough evaluation, designed a solution that would effectively address all her comfort and energy consumption problems.  Besides the oil to gas conversion, they professionally air-sealed the home and added insulation to the basement and attic to make sure the house was able to conserve the heat that would be produced by the new heating equipment.  The winter following the retrofits was especially harsh in Rochester, but Jennifer's home was very comfortable all around with no cold rooms or drafts. "The comfort within the home has been tremendous. Rochester had a really bad winter and the difference with the insulation and the work... it was night and day compared to what it was like before the work was done. " says Jennifer. "I am happy on both counts: that my energy cost has been reduced and the comfort within the home has drastically changed. "
Jennifer T. of Rochester, NY
Wednesday, May 27th
Tria from Painted Post, NY and her family were spending a lot of money to heat their home during the winter. During the summer, the back rooms in their house were extremely hot and uncomfortable. To make matters worse, there was also mold growing in the crawl space that posed some health concerns to the family.  After researching, Tria found Halco and decided to give us a call because we were the only company in the area able to address and offer solutions for all the problems she was experiencing in her home.  In this video, she talks about the experience she had with our company and the results after the project was completed.  "I am most excited about the house being healthier. Also the energy efficiency is going to be better," says Tria.
Tria T. of Painted Post, NY
Wednesday, January 18th
David T. from Horseheads, NY always wanted to make his home energy neutral by installing a solar system capable of supplying all the energy consumed by the household.  When the time came, after evaluating several companies, David chose Halco to install the system. He said, "I like the idea that Halco is a local company. I like the idea that Halco is a relatively large company of skilled employees so I know that my system could be maintained." David was impressed with the company from the first meeting with the home energy advisor, who according to him was as knowledgeable as he was enthusiastic about renewable energy. His entire experience with the company was extremely positive. "In the beginning Halco took care of all the initial paperwork. It was just very nice. To deal with all the New York State paperwork would be a challenge, so that was all covered," he adds. The entire installation process was fast and very clean. The company shipping the solar panels made a mistake and they were one panel short. "I don't know how they pulled off the magic, but that one panel showed up within a few days," says David. "I was really impressed that all those details were accomplished in a very short time." David was also very pleased with the fact that the crews left his home clean and in order, seeding the grass on the spots where they had to dig to run wires and leaving the yard and garage swept and free of debris. David is even happier with his 40-panel system, each with 315 kW, which now supplies all the energy his family needs.
David T. of Horseheads, NY
Thursday, June 18th
Mark H. had a plan to bring his home as close to a zero energy profile as possible. He began to look for a company specializing in geothermal energy around the Lyons, NY area and was pleasantly surprised to find Halco – a company that could handle the entire project and deliver exactly the results he was looking for. Mark was very pleased with the experience from the beginning. First the Home Energy Advisor performed a comprehensive home energy audit in his home, and explained that prior to installing any kind of renewable energy system, it was important to make sure that the house was able to conserve the energy produced by this system. “My experience with the whole installation process was better than I expected,” adds Mark. The weather during the scheduled installation of the solar panels wasn’t very good, but the highly experienced Halco crew handled it superbly and delivered on time. “I was very impressed with the professionalism of everybody with Halco. They treat you well, they’re friendly, and they know what they’re doing. I am glad I called them when I did, because they really helped me out a lot,” says Mark. How about the results? Here’s what Mark has to say: “Now the electric utility company is going to start paying me money. That is pretty exciting!”
Mark H. of Lyons, NY
Thursday, June 25th
Two years before deciding to upgrade to solar energy, Candace F. had the furnace in her Trumansburg, NY home replaced by Halco and was very pleased with their services. When it came the time to have the home retrofitted for solar energy and install the panels, she called Halco again for an estimate. Based on the estimate and her previous experience with the company she decided to trust Halco for the job, and was not disappointed. Halco’s crews were very responsible, finished the job in a timely manner and cleaned everything up before leaving. "They finished the whole job in one day. They didn’t leave a nail or a piece of cardboard behind,” Candace said,.“You would never know they were here. The most exciting part about it would probably be watching the meter on a sunny day, when we can see that we are really making power and putting it back on the grid."
Candace F. of Trumansburg, NY
Thursday, May 14th
The owners of this 1880’s farmhouse originally contacted Halco because they were interested in a heat pump option to replace their old oil furnace. While assessing the home, we found an extremely wet and drafty basement. After waterproofing the basement, the happy homeowners reached out to move forward on the geothermal heat pump portion of their project. We installed a 5-ton GeoStar Sycamore ground source system connected to a horizontal loop. The homeowners are blown away with how clean and efficient the new system is. And even more, they now had air conditioning for the first time ever! In the end, these homeowners eliminated a 2,000 gallon a year oil bill and about 50,000 lbs. of CO2 per year!
Cathy D. of Spencer, NY
Monday, July 13th
Honey and Steven G. recently had a solar energy system installed by Halco at their Port Byron, NY home. In this video the couple speaks about the impact of this solar upgrade in their lives and their experience with Halco. "This company has done a wonderful job, and the people that have come out, everybody has been spot on! If they said they were gonna do something or be there at a particular time, they were there or you got a phone call 24 hours in advance," says Honey. "It really was professional from the start to the finish. The company should be just over the moon with pride because of the workmanship and quality work," adds Steven.
Honey & Steve G. of Port Byron, NY
Tuesday, June 21st
"I am super excited about the crawlspace. Joe suggested I email Hal Smith too. I hadn’t sat down to do it yet, so he’s getting copied on this. We can’t believe Joe and crew did it in only three days. I haven’t gone down there yet...just peeked through the access window, but I bought a worklight string like Joe had to light up the place, so I’m ready.  Now I can run a network cable down there that I’ve been holding off on doing. You can’t imagine how this answers a wish I’ve had for thirty years to make the space desirable to enter...clean, bright,  dry, and odor-free. I noticed after the first day of work that the house didn’t smell musty. The new ductwork has made a noticeable improvement in the airflow to the family room, even before a new furnace. Of course I still eagerly await the new equipment next week. I’d love to be in the newsletter and you and anyone from Halco are welcome to a tour. We’re thinking of having a crawlspace-warming for friends and neighbors! Too bad the access can’t be any bigger. Take care of the back. See you soon I hope! Norm"
Norman A. of Ithaca, NY
Wednesday, January 4th
Purity Ice Cream Company, Inc. was established in 1936 in Ithaca, New York and it's been a local institution since then, serving delicious ice cream and baked goods.  Bruce, owner of the establishment since 1998, is a firm believer in renewable energy and decided to upgrade to Solar Energy while renovating the facilities. Halco was the company he chose for the job, and he is very happy with the results. "Upstate New York is not known for super sunny days but despite that we get a lot of good power production out of these panels,” says Bruce, who is also considering the addition of a few more panels in the near future.
Bruce of Ithaca, NY
Thursday, November 12th
Ithaca, NY customers, Charles and Susan, started working with Halco around ten years ago when they had plans to build a home that would utilize geothermal heating and cooling.  Well, they ended purchasing a home instead, and that home was using 2,000 gallons of propane a year! They contacted Hal, CEO and owner of Halco, who helped the couple design and retrofit a geothermal system for the home. Right away, the new system took the customers from around $8,000/year in heating costs to less than $2,000/year.  After replacing their old propane boiler with geothermal, Charles and Susan added solar to help offset their electricity usage. A few years later they added some more solar, bought an electric car, and now they are very close to net-zero, meaning they are producing just about as much energy as they are using! Recently, the pair hit 100 MWh of electricity produced with their Halco installed solar arrays.  To put this number in perspective, 100 MWh is enough to offset 12.3 homes' electricity use for one year, 7,957 gallons of gasoline consumed, and 77,308 pounds of coal burned! Of this milestone Charles said, “It feels big, it feels like we really did something. Maybe it's just a little step and we're only one house and we're only one family, but we're doing what we can, we're doing the best that we can."  Charles often recommends Halco, stating, “I highly recommend working with Hal Smith because he is an honorable man and he gets the stuff done. He makes sure that it works!" 
Charles W. of Ithaca, NY
Tuesday, August 13th
Fred B., from Freeville, NY wanted to upgrade the heating and cooling system in his beautiful 190 year old house and move away from fossil fuels.  Halco installed the geothermal system, upgraded the duct work and improved insulation so that the old house could conserve as much energy and be as comfortable as a newly constructed, energy efficient home.  Fred is very happy with the results stating, "I would recommend myself to use them again, and I would recommend to people that ask me. Halco would be an excellent choice", says Fred.
Fred B. of Freeville, NY
Friday, September 8th
Tim had a conventional tank-based water heater and he wasn’t happy with its performance. But thankfully, we were there to install a nice, efficient unit! Go here to watch the video from Tim! https://www.halcoenergy.com/about-us/testimonials/20100-syracuse-ny.html  
Tim D. of Syracuse, NY
Wednesday, May 29th
William S. of Fayetteville, NY discusses his geothermal system installed by Halco. William’s system is fairly complex as it needs to accommodate a nearly 200-year-old home. The system is comprised of 4 heat pumps: one for the adjoining apartment, one for the bottom floor of his home, one for the top floor, and a fourth for the hot water system. As a Climate Scientist, William has been considering going green for 20 years for two main reasons: (a) he is keenly aware of the importance of getting off fossil fuels and reducing his carbon footprint, and (b) he realizes the potential cost savings. William is very passionate about this subject and is a member of the steering committee for HeatSmart CNY. HeatSmart CNY is a campaign designed to make it easier and more affordable to install clean heating and cooling solutions as well as energy efficiency upgrades. After a careful evaluation process, Halco is thrilled to be a selected installer for this program! Learn more at HeatSmartCNY.org
William S. of Fayetteville, NY
Monday, November 12th
Dear Jim, Thank you so much for all of your help and expertise.  The grant has been revised and new insulation accepted.  Should start around June 1st.  Contractor booked until then, but mission accomplished.  Bless you for your help. Janet and Warren S.
Warren & Janet S. of Mt. Morris, NY
Friday, May 3rd
We had airkrete and foam insulation installed as part of an energy conservation upgrade. Everyone went beyond my expectations regarding timeliness, work ethic, consideration of entering house and overall professionalism.
James H. of Clarence Center, NY
Thursday, September 29th
Sorry I missed you today. I checked the basement when I got home. I understand Ralph's notes and I'll clean up the circuit labeling. FYI - the flicker problem was noticeably absent this evening. I didn't get a single "there it goes again" from Julia all evening. As far as I'm concerned, the project is a success. Ralph - thanks for the dedicated circuit for the "Grid is Down" indicator. I explained it to my brother, and he had the reaction I suspect most will have - "what? you need a light to come on to tell you when the power is off?", and he thought I was nuts. I appreciate your willingness to humor me. I enjoyed the project - I really learned quite a bit. Thanks to you both, and extend my thanks to Tim. I can't say enough about the Halco team. Finally - Melissa - if you do commercial work in Buffalo, let me know. My brother owns a number of self storage facilities, and two indoor tennis centers in Buffalo, and is interested in learning about Solar options for his vast roof space. If that's in your market, I'll put you in touch.
Joe R. of Bethany, NY
Friday, September 21st
He was polite, friendly, helpful, cleaned up his mess. Gave me all information.
Patricia H. of Perry, NY
Tuesday, November 30th
Ed Okonsky and his crew did a wonderful job at our residence, installing a furnace and insulating our mobile home. We are very satisfied with all that they did. Thank you very much! We are super pleased!!!
Floyd & Sue E. of Alfred Station, NY
Wednesday, January 21st
I just want you to know how thankful I am for all the work that has been done to my trailer. Every person from there from start to finish was professional, friendly and as a woman who lives alone it meant alot to me that no one who came here made me uncomftorable or was innapropriate in any way. Again, thank you all so much for everything you've done to my home. I just felt it was important for you to know how pleased I am and will recommend you to anyone. Have a great day. 
Kathleen D. of Leicester, NY
Monday, September 24th
Bob was professional, very knowledgeable and courteous. He did an excellent job and we were pleased with his work.
Ken T. of Mt. Morris, NY
Saturday, June 18th
John was very professional and did an excellent job!
Ron K. of Mt. Morris, NY
Tuesday, March 15th
John was excellent - very friendly and knowledgeable.
David I. of Pittsford, NY
Tuesday, March 22nd
The service provided went above my expectations. Joe Velte was so courteous, pleasant & professional. The whole crew did a great job.
Amy C. of Brockport, NY
Sunday, April 15th
Steve did a great job as usual!
James D. of Caledonia, NY
Tuesday, April 22nd
The team show up on time. They got right to work after explaining what they were going to do. They worked together well - good team.
Richard O. of Geneseo, NY
Tuesday, November 30th
The service guy Pete was very helpful and informative. Would not mind referring him to friends and family at all!
Patrick B. of Churchville, NY
Friday, December 30th
Both Techs very friendly and professional - Thank you for great service.
Duane C. of Avon, NY
Friday, July 1st
Dear Mr. Smith, On April 17, Paul Leech showed me your computer presentation about the home audit. The program was very helpful, in understanding what the audit is all about and why it is important. Paul was excellent and you should be proud of his rapport and workmanship.Sincerely,Kathy Broderick
Kathleen B. of Scottsville, NY
Tuesday, April 17th
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