Case Studies

Case Studies

This Newfield Bed and Breakfast was looking for us to install some solar panels!
Not every home or solar electric system is the same. We evaluated this Brooktondale, NY home for the right system.
These homeowners wanted their home to produce as much energy as it uses. So we talked about the right geothermal system for them.
This Net-Zero home in Ithaca needed a solar electric system expansion.
This 5,400 W (5.4 kW) grid-connected solar electric (PV, photovoltaic) system is installed as a roof-mounted array of twenty-four (24) SunPower 225W solar modules oriented...
This Ithaca, NY customer was experiencing excessive heat loss, cold floors over their crawl space and high energy bills!
Due to a severe lack of insulation and an outdated heating system, this Harford, NY home was costing its owners over $6000 a year in energy expenses!
This customer in Hector, NY was interested in having a solar electric system installed, but not on thir home. This would need to be a ground-mounted system.
This Trumansburg, NY homeowner was looking to harness solar energy at their home!
We installed a grid-connected solar electric system for this home in Trumansburg, NY.
Making changes to your home is never easy, but Peggy and MaryLou of Trumansburg, NY were determined to bring their home, built around 1826, into the 21st century. Their first...
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