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Solar Power Case Studies: Critical Load Battery Backup System for Existing Solar Electric System in New Lisbon, NY

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 by Hal Smith


This homeowner in New Lisbon, NY was looking for a quiet and low maintenance backup power for their solar electric system.


This residential battery storage system is designed to integrate with the existing 9.12 kW solar electric system to provide stable, quiet, and low maintenance backup power to your critical house loads. The system is comprised of twenty-four (24) Concorde PVX-9150T deep-cycle AGM/valve regulated lead acid (VRLA)maintenance-free batteries to provide 24 x 2V x 915Ah = 43.9 kWh of energy storage (30.7 kWH effective capacity). The batteries are arranged in a custom fabricated wood battery enclosure and interfaces with two (2) SMA Sunny Island 5048-U, 5.0 kW inverters, which communicate with the two (2) existing Fronius IG 4000W solar grid-connected inverters, provide charge control for the battery bank, produce high-quality AC power for the house critical loads, and operate the existing Briggs & Stratton transfer switch and #01931-0 10.0 kW AC generator to recharge the battery bank if it is needed. During normal grid operation, the SMA Sunny Island 5048-U, 5.0 kW inverters will provide AC power to all loads, maintain the battery bank at full charge, and send any extra electricity back into the grid. When the grid is down, these inverters will provide AC power to the house loads in the critical load panel, continually charge the battery bank using the solar electric system, and activate the AC generator should battery charge fall below a set level.

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