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Stay Powered with sonnen: The Safest & Smartest Solar Battery System

Eco-friendly, reliable energy storage in Rochester, Ithaca, & nearby

sonnen Solar Battery System in Ithaca
sonnen Solar Energy System in Rochester

Solar energy is an innovative solution to producing clean electricity for your home. But what happens to that energy during an unexpected power outage? Halco has partnered with sonnen, a global leader in green solar energy, to offer you a new way to make the most out of your solar investment. Sonnen solar battery systems are the safest, most reliable innovations in energy storage, allowing you to harness the power of the sun and control your home's electricity whenever you need it - day or night.

Sonnen solar battery systems gives you resilience and energy independence. Plus, sonnen energy storage units can be integrated with new or existing solar panel systems. Schedule a free solar battery installation estimate to learn more. We serve New York homeowners throughout Syracuse, Ithaca, Rochester, and areas nearby.

Meet the ultimate solar battery solution

Cobalt-free Solar Battery System in Syracuse

Sonnen designs the smartest and safest solar battery systems, keeping homes running no matter what - even during a power outage. Sonnen has manufactured 50,000 cobalt-free batteries since 2010, making them the global pioneer in energy storage technology. With superior craftsmanship, an unbeatable manufacturer's warranty, and seamless integration, you can have absolute confidence in sonnen's solar battery systems.

Healthier, cleaner energy for your home

Sonnen's reliable eco and ecoLinx energy storage units reduce your carbon footprint and keep the lights on when paired with one of our solar panel systems.

Intelligent energy storage with the sonnen eco unit

Solar Energy System in Rochester

The sonnen eco energy storage system provides clean, safe, and long-lasting energy and security to your home.

Benefits of the eco solar battery system:

  • Store clean energy by day and use it whenever you need it - even during a power outage
  • Our safe, long-lasting solar battery system keeps your family home powered and comfortable
  • The eco energy storage system comes with a 10-year/10,000 cycle warranty
  • The energy storage system is scalable from 5-20KWH

Smart energy storage management with the ecoLinx

sonnen Solar Battery System installation in Ithaca

Sonnen's ecoLinx is a revolutionary innovation in energy storage, as it integrates clean electricity with home automation and intelligent, safe solar battery technology.

Benefits of the ecoLinx solar battery system:

  • The ecoLinx provides safe and intelligent solar energy storage management in smart homes on your terms
  • You can pair smart home technology with the ecoLinx, giving you the power to choose which devices control your home during an outage
  • The ecoLinx comes with a 15-year/15,000 cycle warranty
  • The ecoLinx is scalable from 12-20 kwh or 30 kwh

High-quality & safe solar battery systems by sonnen

sonnen Solar Battery System Installer in Lansing

When it comes to developing a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly solar energy system, chemistry is king. As a sonnen Preferred Contractor, Halco is certified to provide high-quality service and stands by the lithium-iron-phosphate technology in all sonnen products - which is recognized for its stability, durability, performance, and environmental friendliness.

Schedule a free solar battery installation estimate

Harness clean, safe energy whenever you need it with sonnen's energy storage systems from Halco. Not only do sonnen's solar battery systems provide proven, recyclable electricity on demand, but they also come with reliable manufacturer warranties.

Sonnen's energy storage units are compatible with new and existing solar panel systems. Schedule a free solar battery estimate to learn more. Let us customize the right solution for your unique home!

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