Solar Power Customer Testimonial from Joe R. in Bethany, NY

Sorry I missed you today. I checked the basement when I got home. I understand Ralph's notes and I'll clean up the circuit labeling.

FYI - the flicker problem was noticeably absent this evening. I didn't get a single "there it goes again" from Julia all evening. As far as I'm concerned, the project is a success.

Ralph - thanks for the dedicated circuit for the "Grid is Down" indicator. I explained it to my brother, and he had the reaction I suspect most will have - "what? you need a light to come on to tell you when the power is off?", and he thought I was nuts. I appreciate your willingness to humor me.

I enjoyed the project - I really learned quite a bit. Thanks to you both, and extend my thanks to Tim. I can't say enough about the Halco team.

Finally - Melissa - if you do commercial work in Buffalo, let me know. My brother owns a number of self storage facilities, and two indoor tennis centers in Buffalo, and is interested in learning about Solar options for his vast roof space. If that's in your market, I'll put you in touch.

- Joe R. of Bethany, NY
Friday, September 21st
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