Work Requests in Ithaca

Halco is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Ithaca. Learn more about Halco's recent work requests in Ithaca and nearby areas!

Learn more about Halco's recent work requests in Ithaca, NY
Vicinity of Treva Avenue in Ithaca
Looking to upgrade my hot water boiler in 2017.
Vicinity of The Byway in Ithaca
I am considering buying an old house that will need a lot of renovations. I am interested in making it as energy efficient as possible. Would you be able to perform a free energy audit? Do you also perform house inspections? I would be interested in that and in obtaining an estimate on the repairs that may be needed. I wonder how much this would cost.
Vicinity of West King Rd in Ithaca
Interested in an indoor air quality assessment/inspection, with an emphasis on the possibility of toxic mold. Do you guys test for mold? Let me know the options.
Vicinity of Hunt Hill Road in Ithaca
Hi, I want to know if you inspect and service furnaces for residential properties. I have two properties with forced air. Thanks, Geoff
Vicinity of HARVEY HILL RD in Ithaca
I have a very old oil furnace that is inconveniently located in the middle of our basement. I am trying to figure out if I can move it or if I should replace it with something newer.
Vicinity of Murfield Drive in Ithaca
HI, back on 9/15 one of your technicians (Anthony D.) serviced my home boiler. At the time I asked him to ask someone in your company for ideas on an alternate aquastat option that doesn't buzz like mine does. I have a work around for mine, but it isn't very safe (cover off etc..). This is the second aquastat that Halco has installed over the years and both have had this loud buzzing which according to the internet seems to be a prevalent issue. I'm looking for some other type of aquastat that will be quiet and work with my boiler. Anthony said he would ask around or pass my request off to someone who might have in-depth knowledge of these kinds of issues. Any reply would be most appreciated. Best, Rich Jaenson Ithaca, NY
Vicinity of Hudson St in Ithaca
Hoping to have the heating system in our house checked before the winter and possibly have the vents cleaned. There are also two spots in the house where the heat does not come out of the grates, so we're hoping to have that fixed.
Vicinity of Wyckoff Rd in Ithaca
Air conditioner rusting from dampness, It is part of a whole-house airconditioning system. It seems not to be installed properly. I am also interested in insulation.
Vicinity of N Taylor Palce in Ithaca
Have two garbage disposals not working, i think I have a credit left over. Additional information: Preferred Method of Contact: Text
Vicinity of Northview Rd in Ithaca
Dusty and dirty vents, very bad/musty odor coming from air intakes as well as vents in house Additional information: Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Vicinity of Worth St in Ithaca
Bought a house with a very old steam boiler. Possibly replace with high efficiency boiler. Additional information: Preferred Method of Contact: Text
Vicinity of Ringwood Rd in Ithaca
We have humidity issues and currently run portable dehumidifiers. We have a forced air furnace and no air conditioning. I am interested learning about installing a whole house dehumidifier. You can call or email. Thanks.
Vicinity of N. Tioga Street in Ithaca
Our energy bills are very high, we would like to have an audit done to see how we can reduce these costs. Additional information: Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Vicinity of Highland Road in Ithaca
We are planning to install a new furnace this year but want to explore the potential option of converting to geothermal in Cayuga Heights. Additional information: Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Vicinity of Valley Road in Ithaca
We have a service contract with Halco. We'd like to set up an appointment in the next couple of days, if possible, to service a Navien tankless hot water heater that Halco installed for us (mainly, replacing the filter), and checking on a couple of faucet connections. Additional information: Preferred Method of Contact: Phone
Vicinity of Crescent Place in Ithaca
House is 65 years old. 700sq feet, full basement with concrete floor, concrete block foundation walls. I've been following the radon with a Corentium meter all year. Current long term average is 5.4. A recent test kit returned 3.2. During the 3 days of the test, the Corentium said 5.5, 3 and 1.6, so 3.2 makes sense as an average of those 3 days. Also recently got a Foobot to monitor indoor air quality. Generally very good (windows open most of the time) but when the stove/oven is on, the CO2 and VOCs go up quickly, more so with the windows closed, as you would expect. Not sure if it's a big problem and if it can be coordinated/address/considered along with the radon issue. home energy audit was done in January. Attic and rim joist insulation made a huge difference. Blower door test reduced leakage from 1937 to 1372 CFM50. They also recommended replacing the casement windows in the basement (and a new water heater). I haven't moved on those yet because they are connected to the radon/ventilation issues. Trying to solve the basics of the house so I can move on with a kitchen and deck renovation on a firm foundation, so to say.
Vicinity of Bundy Road in Ithaca
We just moved to ithaca and are interested in receiving a quote on how much it would be to install central air conditioning into our already existing forced air HVAC system. Many thanks! Additional information: Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Vicinity of Trumansburg Rd in Ithaca
Additional information: Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Vicinity of N. Tioga Street in Ithaca
I'm interested in a quote for replacing a basement entry door. Thank you! Additional information: Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Vicinity of Yaple Rd. in Ithaca
Looking for a quote on spray foam insulation for 2 exterior walls of an 1840's house. Mostly interior 2x4 wall inside original planking. approx. 360 square feet. this is for an ongoing remodeling project. Additional information: Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Vicinity of E King Rd in Ithaca
I need to have a u-tube installed in my radon mitigation system and make sure that it is functioning properly. I need a letter stating that it is installed and operating correctly. I need to have a radon test completed. Additional information: Service Type: Indoor Air Quality Preferred Appointment Date: 08/02/2016 Preferred Appointment Time: 1pm-4pm Alternative Appointment Date: 08/02/2016 Alternative Appointment Time: 4pm-7pm Maintenance Plan: None Preferred Method Of Contact: Text
Vicinity of Trumansburg Road in Ithaca
I already have the windows in hans however I need to find a contractor who can install them. I need to perform the job by the end of July to satisfy a grant I received or else I wont pass my inspection. Can someone come out and give me an estimate? Thank you, Sullymar
Vicinity of Snyder Hill Rd in Ithaca
Consultation for new hearing cooling system in order to get odd oil.
Vicinity of Winthrop Dr in Ithaca
We'd like an estimate for duct cleaning.
Vicinity of Sweazey Rd in Ithaca
Interested in design and installation of HVAC for new construction home in Lansing, NY.
Vicinity of in Ithaca
I need to have the pump in the loading dock at the Aldi store replaced. The pump is to small therefor the store's loading dock is getting flooded at times.
Vicinity of Warren Road in Ithaca
Interested upgrade and additional plugs in house with ground plug
Vicinity of Coventry Walk in Ithaca
1. Central air conditioning check up 2. Furnace check up for winter season
Vicinity of Larisa Ln in Ithaca
Wanted to find out more about cost and benefits of solar panels
Vicinity of Horvath Drive in Ithaca
Need fridge water hook up and outdoor faucets
Vicinity of Cambridge Pl in Ithaca
Looking for an estimate to install central AC.
Vicinity of Dey Street in Ithaca
Our furnace has not been igniting regularly. We we told it is most likely due to a relay which is going back. The furnace is 60+ years old and we were told we should replace it. A friend recommended your company.
Vicinity of Trumansburg Road in Ithaca
Replace windows... some don't close properly, moisture collects on some, mold on some.... old house. You've done extensive insulation for us in the past, we have a high efficiency boiler and solar panels. Time to address the windows!
Vicinity of Sun Downs Rd in Ithaca
Hi there, Our house is heated by oil-heated water circulating in baseboards. We would like to convert our oil heating system to geothermal. Can you give us an estimate of the cost and timeline of installation? Thank you, Alex
Vicinity of Salem Drive in Ithaca
The fiber glass insulation in the apartment attached to the main house is falling apart and I would like advise on how to update/replace it.
Vicinity of Sheffield Rd in Ithaca
Pipes froze last winter, the furnace people said we needed a plumber. We can't get into the crawl space anymore to see what is going on. There is no heat in the front half of the house.
Vicinity of Dryden Rd. in Ithaca
Heat loss in winter, mold, asbestos, odd smells, structural issues (wood rot) and pests. House was built in 1932.
Vicinity of Hayts Road in Ithaca
I'd like to schedule our annual furnace tune up. Working family so it will have to be scheduled after 5pm.
Vicinity of Siena Drive in Ithaca
Can you do two things for me: 1. Service my boiler and probably install a new first floor thermostat? 2. I need my AC system assessed. It may need to be replaced. I need someone to assess the current system (it's a Trane, ductless system: two wall units, one ceiling cassette). Thanks!
Vicinity of Eastwood Ave in Ithaca
Furnace won't run. It comes on briefly and then shuts off within a minute or so. I am going to replace the air filter, as that has worked in the past, but we could use a checkup anyway.
Vicinity of N Triphammer Rd in Ithaca
Service/inspection for a Bryant natural gas forced hot air furnace. Service/inspection for a Bosch natural gas tankless water heater.
Vicinity of Garrett Rd in Ithaca
I seem to have unusually high monthly electric bills but am not sure why - not a big house and only two people living in it - suspect something may be using power that I am not aware of.
Vicinity of Utica St in Ithaca
I would like (1) checking wiring on an older apartment nd replacing as needed (2) adding circuit for electric stove (3) installing electric baseboard heating, with new circuits for these.
Vicinity of Landmark Drive in Ithaca
Insulating the attic, sealing any air drafts upstairs and down (including the garage).
Vicinity of Bostwick Rd. in Ithaca
We are interested in getting an estimate for installing electric baseboard heat in our log home.
Vicinity of Howard Hill Rd in Ithaca
Solar quote for new house construction
Vicinity of Highgate Cir in Ithaca
Would like an energy audit as well as seasonal maintenance of A/C and forced air heating system.
Vicinity of Westview Lane in Ithaca
We would like to learn our options and costs. Assume primarily PV but open to consider all options.
Vicinity of Pinewood Place in Ithaca
I am just beginning to get estimates for central air. May we make an appointment? Thank you.
Vicinity of Comfort Rd in Ithaca
WE have a large house and apartment and use a combination of outdoor wood furnace, electricity, and propane for our energy needs. We are interested in learning more about a combination of solar and geothermal for heating and cooling.
Vicinity of Ellis Hollow Creek Road in Ithaca
My house was built in 1959 - the boiler system is older and I need to find out about leaks and need for insulation.
Vicinity of East Shore Drive in Ithaca
We are hoping to add solar panels to our roof and wanted a quote. Thank you
Vicinity of Roat Street in Ithaca
We are interested in an estimate for central air conditioning. The previous owner had a unit installed, then took the unit out when he put in the deck. He never reconnected the unit. We had the unit inspected and it didn't seem to work. We are interested in the cost for replacing it.
Vicinity of S Geneva St in Ithaca
Would like to know about solar electric for my residence, what it costs, and so on.
Vicinity of West Danby Rd in Ithaca
We think we need attic and roof insulation in our home.
Vicinity of Highgate Road in Ithaca
I'd like to get a quote on a solar electric system & discuss options & cost.
Vicinity of Highland Park Lane in Ithaca
I've recently purchased a home and am interested in solar. I am not sure if the house gets enough direct sunlight though.
Vicinity of Spencer Rd in Ithaca
I would like an estimate for central air.
Vicinity of Willow Avenue in Ithaca
I plan to replace both my gas forced-air furnace and water heater with more energy efficient units over the summer or at least prior to the next heating season.
Vicinity of Forest Acres Dr in Ithaca
Need quote on replacing gas boiler
Vicinity of Perry City Re. in Ithaca
Considering solar
Vicinity of South Titus Avenue in Ithaca
Hi, The toilet from my upstairs bathroom is leaking at the base, not too much and not constantly. I believe the seal needs to be replaced. I would like to make an appointment for someone to come over and check it out. Thanks a lot. Juan
Vicinity of Marsh Rd in Ithaca
I am interested in a geothermal heating or if to expensive in heat pumps.
Vicinity of Oak Avenue in Ithaca
Would like a quote on on-demand water heater installation in a house that uses hot water for three full bathrooms with sink and shower, a laundry washer, 2 kitchen sinks and a dishwasher. Right now we have a boiler type system, which we are looking to upgrade.
Vicinity of Salem Dr in Ithaca
Kitchen faucet leak
Vicinity of in Ithaca
Hello, My name is Katie and I work for New Energy Works in Farmington, NY. We are a design build timber frame company and are GCing a project in your area. We would like to see if you would be interested in bidding on our upcoming job. Thank you.
Vicinity of Linn St in Ithaca
My hot water heater started leaking and partially flooded my basement. I shut off the water to the water heater to stop it from leaking. also appears to be some moisture on the pipes above the water heater
Vicinity of Elmwood Ave in Ithaca
We're in need of a new furnace and duct work, and we're wondering whether a geothermal system would make sense while we're at it. Can you please contact me to set up a time to stop by and give us a quote? Thanks, Merry
Vicinity of Hall Woods Rd in Ithaca
In need of adding additional chilled water capacity for a new process.
Vicinity of Danby Rd in Ithaca
Bath tub will not drain and water pipes frozen
Vicinity of Bostwick Road in Ithaca
Broken horizontal drain line in CMU wall in TC secure building. Semi-emergency.
Vicinity of Trummansburg Road in Ithaca
Have a residents room where no hot or cold water flows through room. It is only one room, all valves are open and unsure of the problem.
Vicinity of Ithaca Rd in Ithaca
I would like a free energy audit for my house. I am also considering replacing my current gas furnace. I would be interested in what different furnace options are available, along with their efficiencies and costs. I also have an old AC unit that may need frion replacement. Thanks!
Vicinity of Trumansburg Road in Ithaca
Would like to have an energy audit done with concerns of attic insulation r-value.
Vicinity of Sherwood Dr. in Ithaca
I bought a house with a crawl space about 6 months ago and had to have a full foundation repair. Now that this is done, I'd like to have an energy audit to determine what I can do to save on energy costs, particularly when it comes to what I should do with the crawl space.
Vicinity of Danby Road in Ithaca
I am interested in buying a generex generator and having it installed at my home.
Vicinity of Troy Road in Ithaca
I need an estimate on an above garage apartment that is approx 16x28 completed to the codes of Ithaca/Danby. It is new construction
Vicinity of University Ave in Ithaca
Heating and air conditioning furnace and ductwork install
Vicinity of Dryden Road in Ithaca
Need quote for solar system
Vicinity of Burleigh Dr. in Ithaca
I would like an estimate of the feasibility of solar energy for my home, which includes 3 parts - an art shop on one side, our home in the middle, and an apartment on the other. It is on a wooded 1 acre lot in NE Ithaca.
Vicinity of Asbury Dr in Ithaca
I like to put in a tank less hot water system. What do you have?
Vicinity of S Meadow in Ithaca
We are looking into replacing some of our bath tubs/tub surrounds. We are wondering if this is something your company does? And if so, how much the cost would be to install.
Vicinity of Wildflower Dr. in Ithaca
I would like to install a Wi-Fi thermostat. My home was built in the early 1970s. Can you visit to check if I have a c-wire? If not, what would installation of a new cable from furnace/AC to thermostat cost?
Vicinity of Highland Rd in Ithaca
Acacia Fraternity is interested in installing ductless a/c units in ground floor Dining Room and Bar Room. I am Corporation President and live in Ithaca. We would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Saunders Rd in Ithaca
Water heater repair
Vicinity of N. Cayuga Street in Ithaca
Interested in possibly replacing old gas furnace with more efficient one.
Vicinity of EDDY ST. in Ithaca
Need quote on new construction HVAC + plumbing scopes.
Vicinity of Hunters Ln in Ithaca
I currently heat with propane and would like to explore if geothermal is a viable option for me.
Vicinity of Comfort Rd. in Ithaca
Move laundry fixtures to install fixtures for new bathroom.
Vicinity of Cornell St in Ithaca
Looking to replace old (1980s) forced air furnace and possibly other energy efficient upgrades. All work needs to be financed via onbill financing.
Vicinity of Saint Joseph Lane in Ithaca
Air duct cleaning
Vicinity of East State Street in Ithaca
Do you do furnace inspection and maintenance?
Vicinity of E. Upland in Ithaca
I would like to request an estimate for installation of insulation in exterior walls and dormers.
Vicinity of Highgate Circle in Ithaca
Our house has a fairly old water tank and furnace.Do you have someone that can come in and take a look at our existing water tank and furnace, and give us quotes on replacing them?
Vicinity of Taughannock Blvd. in Ithaca
We currently have a geo thermal system from the lake. We are having extremely high electric bills and was hoping you could look at our system.
Vicinity of Hunt Hill Rd in Ithaca
Need a new hot water heater
Vicinity of The Knoll in Ithaca
We have a shower valve that needs to be replaced. The old one is sweated in place and I'd prefer if the new one (which I have) would be installed with fittings. Also, we have a sewer drain line (gray water) in the basement that appears to be clogged as it is very slow draining. Both are fairly easy jobs and completely accessible.
Vicinity of Tiger Lily Lane in Ithaca
Interested in evaluation/quote for solar panels
Vicinity of Elmwood Ave in Ithaca
Need to replace a bathroom sink faucet and shut-off valves. Faucet is already purchased. Not an emergency, but would like work done in next several days
Vicinity of Penn Ave in Ithaca
I'll be living at 220 Penn as of august 1st and was hoping to get a quote of how much it would cost per month?
Vicinity of East Upland Road in Ithaca
I am interested in having two in-wall A/C units for 2nd floor bedrooms. I have a Sanyo A/C for the 3rd floor.
Vicinity of Lexington Dr in Ithaca
Hot water heater repair needed.
Vicinity of Maplewood Rd. in Ithaca
Cost. Area of land needed.
Vicinity of Westmount Drive in Ithaca
Need insulation for basement
Vicinity of Richard Place in Ithaca
I need to have an outdoor faucet installed. The piping is done from the inside. It needs to be extended thru the wall and out to a location(s) outside.
Vicinity of Mecklenburg Rd in Ithaca
Interested in your Zero Money Down program, and how it works. We have been contemplating going to solar for several years now, and the time feels right.
Vicinity of Water Street in Ithaca
I'm interested in evaluating the feasibility of a PV solar array on the "flat" roof portion of my house. Could someone make an appointment to come by in early May (May 6 or later) to discuss this with me.
Vicinity of Perry City Road in Ithaca
I am interested in having an energy audit done on my home. I would also like to explore the possibility of converting my home to solar and geothermal power.
Vicinity of Cascadilla Street in Ithaca
Our bathtub drain switch seems to be stuck in the closed position. We've suffered with a slow drain since owning the house, and only just noticed this. We think this is the culprit.
Vicinity of Hayts Rd. in Ithaca
Evaluate house for solar hot water and heating. possible photo voltaic system too.
Vicinity of Taughannock Blvd in Ithaca
I work for the Hangar Theatre and we have a leak in one of our toilets in the women's room. We have a performance this evening at 7:30 and another tomorrow at the same time. I will be onsite approx 5:30 both days. Thank you.
Vicinity of Kraft Rd in Ithaca
Heat loss
Vicinity of Salem Drive in Ithaca
Energy inefficient older raised ranch home.
Vicinity of N Triphammer Road in Ithaca
I would like to get an estimate of HVAC installation of 2 5ton units on the roof of a retail space.
Vicinity of Saint Jospeh Ln in Ithaca
Would like to schedule free energy audit on recent purchased house.
Vicinity of Oakwood Lane in Ithaca
Energy audit
Vicinity of Snyder Hill Rd. in Ithaca
Do we have enough wind?
Vicinity of West King Road in Ithaca
Interested in a high efficiency (95%+) gas fired, forced air furnace.
Vicinity of Eagleshead Rd in Ithaca
Considering replacing an oil furnace heating a radiant floor with a GHP capable of supplying year round hot water.
Vicinity of Texas Lane in Ithaca
Check if HALCO does free energy audit in Ithaca. Interested in finding if we can improve efficiency in energy consumption.
Vicinity of in Ithaca
Would like an energy audit
Vicinity of Esty Street in Ithaca
We had our furnace (gas with blown air) installed in 1998 and annually clean/replace our filters but we have never had it inspected or had any further maintenance. We would just like an inspection to make sure everything is running properly. What is your fee? How can we set up an appointment? Thanks We prefer contact by email rather than phone.
Vicinity of Hunt Hill Rd in Ithaca
Interested in estimate for a geothermal heating system. I already have radiant floor heat and solar panels.
Vicinity of Richard Place in Ithaca
Hi, I just purchased a home and would like to have the heating system checked out / cleaned before the cold weather starts (gas / forced hot air ). Also, I would like to discuss adding air conditioning. thanks, Franny
Vicinity of Pheasant Lane in Ithaca
We would like to use as much solar power as is possible for our home site, and to get an estimate for the total cost to install.
Vicinity of ROAT ST in Ithaca
Drafty house, we have had lots of icicles (with photos of where) last winter. We had blown in insulation 15 years ago, but still have to run the furnace all the time for much of the winter. We would deeply appreciate your advice as to what to do to make the place more livable and cheaper to heat. Sincerely, Carl
Vicinity of Thomas Road in Ithaca
Hello, I am interested in four things: 1) Scheduling a no cost home energy audit 2) Checking the efficiency of our propane furnace (it's really old, and we'd like to replace it before this winter to reduce our heating bill) and talk to someone knowledgable about our options -- keep what we have, or replace with pellet furnace? 3) Get an estimate on re-doing our electrical box in the basement 4) Get an estimate on replacing our windows with a more insulated option
Vicinity of N. Geneva St. in Ithaca
I have a 2 family rental property with two natural gas forced- air furnaces. The furnaces are more than 15 years old. I have been told by a HVAC person that because of their low efficiencies, they could no longer be legally repaired. The fan on one failed last winter. I wish to replace them with (2) high efficiency units that could be vented through a side wall. The furnaces are currently vented through a chimney which needs to be removed because it is in very bad repair. At the same time, I am considering replacing the single tank-style hot after heater with two tankless models so that the apartments utility bills can be completely separate. Once the chimney is removed, they will need to be vented through the side wall, if using gas. I am open to considering various cost-appropriate options including combination hot water/ furnace units or point of use electrical tankless units for the second floor apartment. The ductwork has problems - poor heat distribution upstairs.
Vicinity of Slaterville RD in Ithaca
Need two quotes- 1. Air conditioning system installation. 2. New pipe to the septic tank from the house.
Vicinity of Beckett Way in Ithaca
Would like an estimate of cost of upgrading my water heater. I am an existing customer of Halco. Responding by email rather than telephone is best.
Vicinity of in Ithaca
I work for the Hangar Theatre. We are looking to find a new plumbing company to deal with any plumbing needs that may arise for us. i would like to find a time to meet with someone to go over for what we are looking. Thanks.
Vicinity of W. King Rd. in Ithaca
I received Reservation Number for a home energy assessment from NYSERDA and I'd like to schedule a time for Halco to do the assessment.
Vicinity of SLATERVILLE RD in Ithaca
Please schedule appointment. Interested in free estimate to replace 26 year old Gas forced air furnace and add Central Air.
Vicinity of Wood St in Ithaca
Hello, We are interested in an estimate for an attic fan or central air. If you could call us to set up a time to come out that would be great. Thanks, Sarah Posegate
Vicinity of Not Applicable in Ithaca
We have two HVAC units in our home. One is an Everrest. Do you offer service agreements?
Vicinity of Taughannock Blvd. in Ithaca
Just purchased a house in Ithaca. It has oil heat and I want to convert to either high-efficient gas (propane) or solar. House will also need minor duct work in basement. Thanks! --Bryan
Vicinity of Ithaca Rd. in Ithaca
Hi! My water heater is dying. What timing! I would like to find the best long-term solution: hybrid? solar? electric on demand? Halco did an energy audit last February and included a new water heater in the final report. Nyserta qualified? thank you, margaret
Vicinity of Warren Place in Ithaca
My bathtub is leaking and just paid $800 to a plumber to fix it and it is still leaking.I would like to see if I can get financing to get it fixed right.
Vicinity of Vera Circle in Ithaca
Cost benefit, and incentives.
Vicinity of Brooktree Lane in Ithaca
I'm interested in having a geothermal heating/cooling system installed. We currently have a forced air system (oil furnace) with air conditioning.
Vicinity of Ellis Hollow Creek Road in Ithaca
We would like to know the cost and benefit of a solar electric system making use of all incentives available. You installed a geothermal system last year, and our total yearly electrical use has been about 18,000KWH. I doubt we can get an economical system that would provide more than half of that, but it would be nice to know what you suggest. We only want to utilize the barn roof and/or the house roof.
Vicinity of Lexington Dr in Ithaca
I'm interested in installing a new air conditioner. We already have force air heating. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Ithaca
I would like to receive an estimate for insulating my garage ceiling. I have a heated living area over the garage.
Vicinity of Strawberry Hill Circle in Ithaca
We need a routine service of our furnace, cleaning etc.
Vicinity of Ellis Hollow Road in Ithaca
Our house a small cape cod probably will need a new fuel oil furnace sometime in not too distant future. The one we have is 50 years old. I have no idea how much this might cost or if we have to get the kind we have when we do replace it. Currently the house smells of fuel oil which makes me feel sick.
Vicinity of Randolph Rd in Ithaca
I just bought a new house. Half of it is on a basement and half of it is on a crawlspace. The crawlspace has open vents to the outside and the house is 10 degrees colder in the part over the crawlspace. I'm looking for an energy audit/or just making the crawlspace improvements.
Vicinity of Turkey Hill Road in Ithaca
PLUMBING QUESTION?? Until recently, the three drains in our garage (also the "basement" of the house) would overflow after heavy rains and then recede after the rains as things dried out. However, now, not only is the water level in the drains not receding, water is slowly continuing to come up and cover the garage floor. Is this a problem Halco might be able to assist us with, if not for the long-term at least for the short-term? PLEASE REPLY TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS ABOVE AS WE WORK NIGHTS AND DO A LOT OF DAY SLEEPING. THANKS SO MUCH.
Vicinity of Madison St in Ithaca
Our home was built in 1880 and uses hot water radiators to heat. The temperature is very consistent downstairs with the radiators staying consistently warm to touch when the heat is on. Upstairs, however, is a different story. Several of our upstairs radiators are slightly warm on the bottom and cold on the top. There seems to be a difference of 10+ degrees from downstairs to upstairs. I would like a diagnosis of any problem, and an estimate of cost. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Ithaca
Just purchased a home and want to service the heating system before we move in. It is gas heat from a Utica Boiler MGB100HD.
Vicinity of Iradell Rd in Ithaca
Need an estimate on protecting my home hot water baseboard system with antifreeze. The house will be vacant for over a month during the winter and my concern is the electric goes off, the baseboard pipe freezes, electric goes back on, thaws pipes, and I come home to a flooded house and a dry well.
Vicinity of Belvedere Drive in Ithaca
We would like our furnace cleaned and we also would like a quote for a new hot water heater
Vicinity of The Knoll in Ithaca
Someone was recently at our house to assess our heating system and make recommendations for a repair. it was beyond his ability to repair, and indicated I needed to speak with the commercial division. Looking to get in touch with someone tomorrow, to schedule an appointment, since a portion of our heating system does not work and need to be repaired and/or replaced. Thank you.
Vicinity of Coddington Rd in Ithaca
I have a small bathroom project. I need to take out the 5' hot water baseboard and have a 3 ft one put in the same location.
Vicinity of Chestnut Street in Ithaca
I am interested in an energy audit for an old house and replacing our base board hot water heaters with new base board hot water or a different type of system that is more energy efficient.
Vicinity of Treva Avenue in Ithaca
I'm interested in information regarding you company's service plan and hourly rates on regular maintance work for natural gas heating system. Please email information. Thank you for you time in this matter. Regards, Carol Jean.

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