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Ground-Mounted Solar Installation in Waterloo, NY

This 5.7 kW solar electric system was installed for a customer in Waterloo, NY. As designed, the 20 panel ground-mounted solar array should generate approximately 6,599.9 kWh per year. Not sure just how much 6,599.9 kWh of electricity really is? Think CO2 emissions from 4,888 pounds of coal burned, 512 gallons of gasoline burned or 10.6 barrels of oil consumed! 

Solar PV Balance of System in Honeoye Falls, NY

This solar PV electrical Balance of System, or "BOS," is one portion of a solar install for a customer in Honeoye Falls, NY. The Balance of System is comprised of 1 SMA 5 kW inverter and 1 SMA 3 kW inverter, along with 2 disconnect switches and the electrical meter. These inverters provide grid-synchronous AC output and interfaces to the electric utility. Power production (kW) and energy production (kWh) can be monitored by the digital display on the inverter.  

Roof-Mounted Solar Array in Cayuga, NY

This 3.42 kW solar electric system was installed for a customer in Cayuga, NY. The customer has taken a major step towards energy independence with a solar system that is designed to produce 3,788 kWh per year. Consisting of 12 SolarWorld modules, this solar array will not only reduce this customer's energy costs, but his carbon footprint as well!  

Solar Installation in Auburn, NY

This Auburn, NY customer contacted Halco because she wanted to go green and save on her electric bill. She had been contemplating solar for many years and with our help, she was finally able to move forward. The customer's home was fitted with an 8.32 kW solar electric system that was installed as a roof-mounted array. As designed, the 26 panel system should generate around 9,118.4 kWh per year. The energy produced by this system corresponds to a CO2 emissions savings of 13,862 lbs. per year! 

Solar Installation in Auburn, NY

This customer was introduced to Halco during the SolarizeCNY 2015 program - an initiative aimed at creating affordable and obtainable solar options for Central New York homeowners. The customer was interested in going green for both financial and environmental reasons. Halco installed a 15.34 kW roof-mounted solar array which will offset 100% of this customers baseload usage! 

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