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Jennifer T.'s home in Rochester, NY had some serious comfort issues and her energy bills were sky high, so she decided to call Halco for help.  She had seen Halco before during area home shows and felt she could trust them to convert her heating system from oil to gas.  A Halco Home Performance specialist came to her house and after a thorough evaluation, designed a solution that would effectively address all her comfort and energy consumption problems.  Besides the oil to gas conversion, they professionally air-sealed the home and added insulation to the basement and attic to make sure the house was able to conserve the heat that would be produced by the new heating equipment.  The winter following the retrofits was especially harsh in Rochester, but Jennifer's home was very comfortable all around with no cold rooms or drafts. "The comfort within the home has been tremendous. Rochester had a really bad winter and the difference with the insulation and the work... it was night and day compared to what it was like before the work was done. " says Jennifer. "I am happy on both counts: that my energy cost has been reduced and the comfort within the home has drastically changed. "
Jennifer T. of Rochester, NY
Wednesday, May 27th
Very satisfied, Gary and Justin were very polite and professional and helpful with any information.
Gary S. of Pine City, NY
Tuesday, March 22nd
My only concern is that you don't pay your people enough! What a team!  We smelled gas in the basement in the afternoon on Saturday 3/23. Called NYSEG, they came and found that the control valve inside the furnace was leaking gas big time. So, they red tagged it and shut it off.  We called two local repair men. The first claimed to have 24/7 services, but turned out that the guy "on-call" was actually in PA at the time and couldn't get to us until Sunday morning. So, we called the next one and he would come out, but it was going to be $140 with no guarantee that he would be able to fix anything because we had a Singer furnace.  Then we saw your ad in the Yellow Pages, and noticed that you offer regular business hours until 9PM everyday. So we called and got a person that actually works at your company (the other guys were using answering services). The nice girl said that she wasn't sure when exactly, but that someone would be to our house that evening and it would only be $89, and he would call ahead. The guy (Pete I think) did call and showed up at our door after dark. We were in the midst of renovating our kitchen, but he still insisted on donning his booties to walk through the kitchen to the basement.  Once down there, he got right to work and checked the whole furnace over. He ended up finding a hole and two weld spots on the heat exchanger that were missed by our home inspector (we just moved in this past October). He said that he would have to red tag the furnace on top of the other red tag from NYSEG. Then he called his boss from our basement to see what could be done to get us heat ASAP. His boss told him to call Steve, your VP of Sales and Service. They talked for a bit, and then he handed the phone to me. Steve explained that we wouldn't be able to get a new furnace Sunday, but would have a new one first thing Monday morning. Also, he said that based on our income he would be able to get us a deal through NYSERDA to help with the cost of the furnace. And he would be able to get some other discounts for the time of year, service plan, etc. Also, he mentioned that he would be able to apply the $89 from the service call that day to the balance of the new furnace. And, he said that the tech would be leaving us with 3 space heaters to keep warm until Monday - free of charge!! I was so happy at this point I was speechless.  Then Sunday, Steve called me three times to work out all the details of the financing and NYSERDA application. On a SUNDAY!! He had a birthday party for one of his grand kids that evening, and he is calling me to make sure we have everything in order to be able to get the furnace first thing Monday.  The installers showed up Monday morning and I directed them to the external entrance to the basement, but they had their booties in hand to walk through the kitchen (still under renovation, but we did finish just in time for Easter). They ended up having to take the old furnace out in pieces because it was so big. They finished the whole installation by 3PM.  Then as they were running the drain line for the furnace, they noticed the old saddle valve from where the fridge had hooked into the cold water was leaking (I had capped it, but it was still leaking, so I knew I would have to take it off and seal the pipe at some point). I explained this to them and they went right ahead and fixed it for me and they did a darn good job of it too!  So again, I just wanted to reiterate that I hope you pay your people a lot because they sure do deserve it.
Clayton O. of Elmira, NY
Saturday, March 23rd
Your man did a great job - was fast - efficient and courteous and answered all questions politely. - Thank you. -
Janet B. of Painted Post, NY
Sunday, December 6th
I was very pleased that he showed what he did before closing the furnace up.
Majorie W. of Horseheads, NY
Monday, October 3rd
Ed Okonsky and his crew did a wonderful job at our residence, installing a furnace and insulating our mobile home. We are very satisfied with all that they did. Thank you very much! We are super pleased!!!
Floyd & Sue E. of Alfred Station, NY
Wednesday, January 21st
I was amazed at how thorough a job was done. Never seen furnace so clean. John was amazing - respectful & considerate, & familiarity w/furnace was astounding - different from what the "normal" is today. You get used to someone doing a lousy job, so when the opposite takes place, you stand back in awe.
Carole D. of Spencer, NY
Tuesday, August 23rd
Always a pleasant experience having one of your techs do work here.
Sue P. of Spencer, NY
Wednesday, July 6th
This afternoon we had an appointment to have our furnaces cleaned with one of your technicians.    His name is Danny.  We have always been extremely pleased with your company and with all the different tech's that have come to service our needs, but Danny was exceptional.  He was very, very thorough with his work, extremely kind and very, very considerate.  He never hurried but took his time.  So we would appreciate you giving him a thumbs up for us.  We are giving Danny, 5 stars, and Halco 5 stars.  We are so glad to have you on our side for all of our plumbing and heating needs.
Sharon T. of Bath, NY
Thursday, September 5th
You have served me well for some time now. Thank you
Virginia H. of Bradford, NY
Wednesday, May 19th
All of the workers were pleasant and friendly and answered all of my questions.
June P. of Montour Falls, NY
Wednesday, June 23rd
Thom was extremely thorough and explained issues found in our gas heating system.
Debra K. of Alpine, NY
Wednesday, October 15th
We were very pleasantly surprised with the evident professionalism and breadth of knowledge of our first Halco technician, Thom Mayo. He is a good listener, gives clear articulate and thorough explanations, as well as impartial advise. The outstanding quality of his service today, checking our furnace and responding to many very specific questions, was what persuaded us to sign up for Halco's discount club.
Eleanor D. of Newfield, NY
Thursday, November 4th
He was very knowledgeable, polite & took the time to explain things.
Sue F. of Newfield, NY
Saturday, February 5th
In summary, I am pleased with the work and guidance provided by Steve. He was very patient with my questions. Steve is an asset to Halco.
Diane V. of Newfield, NY
Tuesday, March 23rd
Pete was so kind, I felt very thorough in his explanation in things. Very polite.
Danny & Joan B. of Hammondsport, NY
Friday, June 24th
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