Air Source Heat Pumps Customer Testimonial from Mary T. in Syracuse, NY

I write because soon it'll be a year that I've had my heat pump system. The insulation and new energy system have transformed my home.  I realized I'm living in the house of my dreams, just had to upgrade it a bit.  I spent the last three months renovating the interior, got a fabulous sink and dishwasher, threw out about 75% of my stuff, repainted the interior, installed LED lighting, turned the two 2nd floor front rooms into well-lit studios -- it's all so different -- beautiful, peaceful, a real sanctuary, every room fully functional.  At the heart of it, of course, is climate control.  Warm, cozy, and draft-free in the winter, cool and dry in the summer.  I remember how when we first met in my living room, both of us tried to talk with sweat just streaming.  Omg.  Apologies!! I love it here now.  Also, I would not be able to work from home without the AC, so thanks for that as well.  

- Mary T. of Syracuse, NY
Saturday, July 11th

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