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Wind systems can serve a wide range of residential clients, from single-family homes to farms. At a good location, these systems are excellent for producing a lot of electricity, particularly in the winter months when the solar resource is low and another form of renewable electricity is needed most.

New York has a good wind resource, although it is more site-specific than our solar resource. The first step in determining whether a wind system may be suitable for your home is to look up your wind resource at New York's Wind Mapping site.

Halco is one of the leading local wind power companies. We have experience installing wind turbines to help homeowners lower their energy costs. We offer expert wind energy services, as well as other alternative energy options, like solar photovoltaic energy, solar heating, and geothermal heating.

Requirements for Wind Power throughout the The Finger Lakes

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For wind systems to make a good investment, we typically recommend that clients have a wind resource of at least 11 - 12 mi/hr. Wind systems can be built through or independent from the NYSERDA Wind Incentive Program. In order to qualify for the program, you have to have at least 10.0 mph wind resources at the height of the system (which is typically 60-140 ft), and all wind systems must be installed on a minimum of one acre of land.

At Halco, every renewable energy system we do is monitored and production is guaranteed. Contact us today for your Free Estimate for wind power in Syracuse, Ithaca, Rochester, Fairport, Auburn, Lansing, Webster, Pittsford, Canandaigua, Cortland, and surrounding areas.

Using Wind Power & Turbines to Power Your New York Home for Less

The primary components for a grid-connected wind system are the wind turbine itself, a self-supported lattice or monopole tower, the tower foundation, the load controller, and inverter(s). In our experience, we have worked primarily with 1kW-50 kW horizontal axis turbines (HAT). These turbines have been engineered for a significant period of time and their performance monitored and documented across U.S. Manufacturers.

Besides HATs, the other main type of turbine that there has been a lot of attention given to recently is the vertical axis turbines (VAT). These turbines are appealing to the residential market because they claim to be able to use wind when there is turbulence and thus be mounted much closer to the ground reducing costs. These turbines come in several types, two of which are the Savonius (half-barrel) and Darrieus (eggbeater) designs. Presently, there are many new manufacturers of these turbines, but it is very little in the way of documented production data. As such, while we think and hope VATs will be able to contribute to residential renewable electricity production in the future, but we are not currently recommending their use to clients. For more information, please see a recent article summarizing these concerns.

Save Money on Your Energy Bills with Our Renewable Energy Services

Halco's experts are happy to answer all your questions about the advantages of wind power and wind turbine installation. We offer a variety of renewable energy solutions to meet your needs and budget. As a full-service home energy contractor, we also offer home insulation installation, water heater replacement, heating and cooling services, plumbing services, electrical services, and more in Ithaca, Rochester, Syracuse, Newark, Oneida, Penn Yan, Canastota, Dansville, and surrounding areas.

Contact us today to learn more about how our renewable energy and energy improvement solutions can help you enjoy a more comfortable home for less. Schedule a home energy assessment to diagnose even the toughest home energy problems.

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