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Before and After

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Water Conditioning System in Newfield, NY

This Newfield, NY customer contacted Halco because he could smell the sulfur in his water and was looking for a solution. After providing a no-cost estimate, we returned to install a sulfur removal system along side a v-100 pressure tank. This customer was very pleased with the completed project.

Filtration System in Brooktondale, NY

This Brooktondale, NY homeowner is a long-time customer of Halco and contacted us when he was having issues with his water clearing up. We returned to install an automatic backwash whole-home filtration system to help eliminate the fine sand and particles in the customers water.

New Water Treatment System in Ithaca, NY

This Ithaca, NY customer contacted Halco because he was having issues with water quality, and his existing water conditioning system was not working properly. The water was hard, high in iron, and high in sulfur, causing rusting on plumbing fixtures, scale on water-using appliances, a rotten egg taste and odor, and more. Halco technicians installed this new HydroTech water conditioning system that will ensure the customer’s water is safe, clean, and clear with no unpleasant tastes or odors!

Water System Upgrade in Phelps, NY

This Phelps, NY customer contacted Halco because her water was beginning to smell, and she suspected her current filtration system was not working properly. Our tech tested the water and found the hardness to be 90 gpg, the iron to be 5.0 ppm, and the total dissolved solids to be 1000 mg/L, all extremely high levels. The water filtration system she had was not equipped to handle this water quality so we returned to install a twin tank water softener and an iron removal system. We also installed a reverse osmosis system with connections to the ice maker and kitchen sink, which will provide bottle quality water to the customer!

Water Treatment in Lansing, NY

This Lansing, NY customer wanted a salt-free water conditioning system. This system is equipped with a pre- and post-filter and ultraviolet light system. UV water filtration is an extremely effective method for reducing the bacteria in water.

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