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Solar Power Case Studies: Marcellus, NY Customer Goes Green with Solar

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 by Kelsey Wright


This Marcellus, NY customer, attended the Turning Stone Home Show last spring, specifically looking for more information on solar power. It was at this show that the customer, Larry, and his wife were initially introduced to Halco.  


During a post-project interview with Larry, he stated that he obtained a large amount of information from the show and went home to further research his options. He was pleasantly surprised to not only find a vast amount of information on the specific solar panels that we use, but to also learn of Halco's commendable reputation. In addition, Larry wanted to make sure the company he chose was seasoned in solar and large enough to sustain solar panels over a 30 year period- he was confident Halco would suit his needs. A free home energy audit was scheduled and  Larry affirmed that he made his final decision to work with Halco after talking to Jamie, a home energy advisor, alone.

The system that Halco installed at this home is a 5.88 kW grid-connected solar electric system that was installed as a roof-mounted array of 24 SunPower solar modules. As designed, this system will output approximately 5,657 kWh per year, which has a corresponding CO2 emissions savings of around 8,600 lbs.! 8,600 lbs... the equivalent to CO2 emissions from 9.1 barrels of oil consumed, 439 gallons of gasoline, or 4,190 pound of coal burned! Talk about reducing your carbon footprint dramatically! When asked why he decided to go green Larry stated that it was a combination of the environmental and financial benefits. He was interested in severely reducing his electrical bill and having sat down and computed his savings over 30 years, the return on investment was unbeatable.

Larry could not say enough about how happy he was with the entire process from start to finish.  "...the way they relate to customer needs, the way they picked up the site after the project was finished... I can go on and on," he stated.  In reference to the installation crew, Larry referred to them as professional, efficient, very well integrated and a team that he would want working for him.  From aesthetics to the crew Larry declared, "The whole thing has been very fun and I've really enjoyed it!"  Well Larry, the feeling is mutual as we have deeply enjoyed you welcoming our team into your home and allowing us to help make your home more energy efficient! 

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