Plumbing - Tankless Water Heaters : Hot Water on Demand and Big Energy Savings

Imagine being able to enjoy as much hot water as you need, whenever you need it. Never running out of hot water or being able to take a shower right after another family member does, all while running the dishwasher is no longer a dream. Now, imagine doing all that for a fraction of what you spend now to run your current tank-based water heater.

Tank based water heaters -- even the newer, more efficient models -- are still wasting a lot of energy. The temperature of the water in the tank drops and in order for you to have hot water again, it needs to be re-heated. This happens constantly, several times a day, whether you are using it or not, whether you are at home or away.

Tankless water heaters don't store water. The water is heated on-demand, when you need it. Top of the line models operate at a 98% efficiency rate. That means that nearly every dollar spent to run the unit is being turned into hot water. Old tank based models work at about 50% efficiency.

Tankless water heaters are also self-modulating. That means they produce as much or as little hot water as needed. They are also designed to be compact, using less space than the bulky, tank-based units.

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