Success Stories

20 Homes. $140,000 Worth Of Work.
$0 Cost* To Homeowners!

Halco is helping Thomas Estates homeowners create a safer, more comfortable, and energy efficient community for little to no cost*!

Melissa & Caitlyn F.


"This job came to $6,300 and it cost me nothing*!"

Melissa F. Home
Before Spray Foam Insulation
After Spray Foam Insulation

Homeowners, Melissa F. and sister, Caitlyn, were experiencing extremely cold floors in their kitchen when they decided to call Halco for a no-cost* home energy assessment. After the assessment, they were provided with a report detailing where their home was using, losing, and wasting the most energy and the best options to fix the problem areas. Halco installed spray foam insulation to the underbelly of the home which will help keep warm air in and cold air out. We also installed energy efficient LED light bulb replacements in a majority of the home. Melissa and Caitlyn no longer have cold floors and the best part?
It cost them nothing*!

Richard & Dovie G.


"The upgrades Halco made to our home have cut our bills by about 30% and cost us nothing*!" -Richard

Richard G. Home
Old Furnace
After Furnace

Richard G. contacted Halco after his wife heard about the no-cost* energy assessment available to them. After seeing the results of the assessment, Richard and his wife decided to have Halco upgrade and seal their furnace and water heater cabinets and add spray foam insulation to the underbelly of their home. These upgrades have effectively saved the couple $20-$40 each month, bringing their gas bill down from $100-$120 to $80! The improvements cost Richard and Dovie nothing*!

Kelly O.


"My utility bills used to be sky high, but with Halco's upgrades, they have dropped over 40%. And it cost me nothing*!"

Kelly's Home
Spray Foam Insulation
Door Frame Corner
Smoke Detector

Kelly O. was experiencing cold floors and a breezy, drafty home when she decided to contact Halco. Halco installed spray foam insulation, a dryer vent, CO/Smoke detectors, LED light bulbs, and weather stripping for her door. Kelly is thrilled with the difference she sees in her home, noting that the air within her home no longer seeps out. Her bills have effectively dropped from over $200/month to anywhere from $78-108/month! The project cost came out to $6,500, but it cost Kelly nothing*!

Krissy, Park Manager


"I am really happy to have a company that will come into our community and take care of our residents. I don't recommend people very often, but it's great to have a company that we can trust and that can do everything!"

Comfort Today. Energy for Tomorrow.

How can you get started?

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*The cost of the assessment and the no-cost work performed for these customers was paid for by NYSERDA. Halco is an authorized provider in accordance with NYSERDA standards, practices, and qualifications. Homeowner eligibility for a no-cost assessment and available subsidies and grants for energy savings and safety related improvements are also determined solely by NYSERDA (

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