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A lot of energy is wasted with older-model heating and cooling equipment found in many homes. Today with high energy prices, the cost of running standard HVAC equipment is- no pun intended- through the roof.

These days, you need to make sure that every dollar you spend on running your HVAC equipment will be used to heat and cool your home and not be wasted up the chimney. Old models working at 50%, 60% and even the 80% efficient systems sold in the 1980s do not work well at all. Modern high efficiency equipment works at 95% efficiency or higher.

For example; the standard chimney. Old chimneys- which leak an enormous amount of hot air that you pay to heat -- are no longer necessary. Modern high efficiency units are vented to the outside through small PVC pipes running through the side wall. The bulk of the air you paid to heat stays where it belongs: in the living areas of your home.

At Halco, we pride ourselves in choosing and installing only the best high efficiency systems to fit each individual home's needs, as well as the homeowner's expectations and budget. We thoroughly inspect and evaluate each home to design a solution that will give you the best performance per dollar invested.

To learn more about high efficiency systems and many other ways to save money and energy at home, visit our website or contact us for a free estimate.

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