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Founded in 1984, Halco Heating has been improving the comfort and energy efficiency of households like yours for almost 3 decades, providing solar and geothermal heating and cooling systems and services in Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton and all throughout the Finger Lakes, NY area.

Hal Smith, owner and founder of the company, is proud to have earned the trust of his community through quality workmanship, outstanding business ethics, and a focus on customer service.

"Our offices are open seven days a week, up to 9:00 p.m.," says Hal. It is a great comfort for their customers to know that someone at Halco will always be there to help them when they are in need. A customer will never speak to a machine when calling Halco.

Hal adds, "We answer our phones live, 24 hours a day!"

In addition, Halco has a "holistic" approach to energy efficiency and heating and cooling system upgrades. When Halco is called to install a geothermal or solar heating and cooling system, they begin by making a thorough evaluation of the home, to understand how it consumes, conserves or wastes energy.

Halco believes that making the switch to a renewable energy source based HVAC system is only part of what makes a home energy efficient. If the home is not properly insulated or has a high rate of air leakage, energy is still being wasted, the system's resources are not being maximized and the home is not as comfortable as it could be-- as homeowners might still experience uneven temperatures around the house.

Through this "whole-house" approach to energy efficiency, Halco has been successfully retrofitting existing homes into Net Zero homes. Meaning, comfortable homes whose homeowners pay virtually no energy bills at all!

If you live in the Finger Lakes area and want to make your home more comfortable and save money in energy bills, call Halco today for a complete evaluation and estimate.

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