Geothermal Requirements

Requirements for Geothermal Systems in Ithaca, Rochester, Syracuse, Lansing, Webster, Auburn

Land area for a 6-ton Horizontal Loop Water-Based Geothermal System in Ithaca, NY

Land area for a 6-ton Horizontal Loop Water-Based Geothermal System in Ithaca, NY

Geothermal heat pumps can deliver heating and cooling just like conventional HVAC equipment – but they have some special requirements. For example, some land is required. In addition, your heating/cooling distribution system may need to be modified. Halco also believes that monitoring system performance is essential to a successful installation.

Land area requirements

Land is required for the installation of a geothermal system's earth loops. The exact amount of space will be determined by the system loop type and size being supported, but it typically ranges from 400 sq. ft. to 8000 sq. ft. The area must be relatively free of utilities, including septic fields; wells; and water, gas and electric lines. Some of these, however, can be identified and worked around.

Heat distribution requirements

Radiant Floor Installation

Geothermal systems can heat to 120 degrees F, allowing them to work well with both forced air and hydronic heat distribution systems. Generally, for new construction or significant renovation, we recommend hydronic systems because they require less energy to move the heat, and they are also generally more comfortable. This is especially true of radiant floor systems.

When using a baseboard or radiant floor system with a geothermal system, the baseboard or radiant floors must be designed to operate with water temperatures between 90 and 120 degrees F. Most radiant floors are designed this way, but existing conventional baseboard is typically sized for water temperatures near 180 degrees F. When this is the case, this baseboard must be replaced with low-temperature baseboard or modern flat radiators, such as those from Runtal or Smith's Environmental.

Cooling distribution requirements

Geothermal systems can also cool homes effectively, and this is possible through hydronic chilled beam or forced air distribution systems. Forced air systems, however, are much more common in the US at this time. If a house already has central air conditioning (AC), the existing compressor unit can be removed, and the existing air handler and ductwork can simply be connected to the heat pump system. If a home does not currently have a central AC system, there are several low-cost, quiet, small, and flexible duct systems designed for retrofit applications that can be added to the home. These products include the Unico small duct high-velocity system, which we have had success using in many such applications.

Monitoring is strongly recommended

At Halco, every geothermal system we install is monitored and BTU production is guaranteed. We pay a lot of attention to production and economic calculations, as well as to system monitoring. Monitoring is not always done in the industry, but we think it essential for guaranteeing and demonstrating system performance.

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