Geothermal Heat Pumps - Halco Geothermal Customer Testimonial | Spencer, NY

Our first-ever Zoom customer testimonial!
The owners of this 1880’s farmhouse originally contacted Halco because they were interested in a heat pump option to replace their old oil furnace. While assessing the home, we found an extremely wet and drafty basement. The homeowners had been living with a wet basement for nearly 30 years and did not think it could be fixed.
After discussing the options, the customers chose to repair the basement first. We installed a complete basement waterproofing system and spray foamed the walls and rim joists reducing the air leakage by nearly 40%. Not only was this an energy solution, but also a health and safety fix, as a wet basement can create mold and mildew and dramatically impacts the air quality of the entire home.
After a few months, the happy homeowners reached out to move forward on the geothermal heat pump portion of their project. We installed a 5-ton GeoStar Sycamore ground source system connected to a horizontal loop. After making some modifications to the ductwork, the homeowners were blown away with how clean and efficient the new system was. And even more, they now had air conditioning for the first time ever!
Back in 2017, Snug Planet had insulated the attic and crawlspace and installed a heat pump water heater. So, including the work done by Snug, this was truly a complete home solution.
In the end, these homeowners eliminated a 2,000 gallon a year oil bill and about 50,000 lbs. of CO2 per year!

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