Air Conditioning Customer Testimonial from Gary S. in Fayette, NY

Just wanted to share my recent experience with Halco's installation of a replacement A/C unit.
I've been a Halco service customer for a number of years, quite satisfied with the quality of work. This was the major reason why I asked Halco to provide a quote for a replacement A/C. Dan Fuhrmann was able to win my business by listening to what I was looking for and providing a detailed evaluation of the home's heating/cooling profile. I was given a number of options, but above all I felt my thoughts were heard and understood as I moved toward making a final decision. I did not feel pressured to make a decision, and received validation even when my decision was for a moderately priced system.
I would want to mention that I've had excellent customer service from the people in your office, both during past service calls and during this current A/C installation. I wish I could remember their names! However I can state that during each telephone call, I have experienced the service person first listening to the reason I called, then taking the time to figure out a course of action or a solution to a concern. I have felt valued as a 'person' who is a customer. I would give an example with the fact that I had let office staff know that I would be available if an earlier install date became open, and in fact received a call for a date a week earlier than originally planned (just in time before the 90 + days in late July!).
Which brings me to the installation of the new A/C unit. Rex and his partner Robert arrived on time to begin the work. They listened to the questions I had about the installation and explained how the work would be done. They proceeded with the install in a skilled and professional manner, and appeared to take time and care with the work, not treating the installation as if it was 'just another job' to rush through. They even took the time to explain how the new equipment on the furnace would look different, in case I might see the difference later and be concerned. Lastly, they did a great job cleaning up their work, both inside and out. Again, in my experience, other businesses ignore such basic tasks, whereas this seemed to be another example of how Halco employees look at all aspects of their work as parts of the larger picture of providing quality products and service.
I apologize for the length of this message, however I wanted to express that with Halco (whether Sales, Office or Installation employees), I have experienced a level of customer service that sadly seems lacking in many businesses. Needless to say, I'm satisfied with my new air conditioning system! At the time of writing this, the outside temp is 90 degrees with 72% humidity! That's figures to a heat index of 108!! However inside house is a comfy 72 degrees/ 45% humidity!! 
Thanks Halco!!
- Gary S. of Fayette, NY
Friday, July 19th

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