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Keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient can seem like a daunting task for many homeowners in the Finger Lakes area. However, in this day in age, there are several options available, one of the most versatile and efficient options being mini split heat pumps.  These revolutionary heating and cooling systems run on electricity and can help lower your energy costs without the need to sacrifice your home comfort. 

How Mini Split Heat Pumps Work

Sometimes referred to as ductless heat pumps, mini splits work like other types of air source heat pumps, by moving heat instead of creating it. The only difference with mini splits, however, is that they don’t require a connection to a central duct system. Rather, they use a line of refrigerant to deliver warm or cool air into your home.


Mini split heat pumps consist of an outdoor unit that is responsible for circulating the refrigerant that absorbs and releases heat. Inside, air handlers are placed in designated zones throughout your home that deliver conditioned air. A single outdoor unit for a ductless system can support up to eight indoor air handlers to provide a whole home solution for heating and cooling with zoning capabilities. Mini splits can also be used for supplemental temperature controls in hard to condition areas of your home, like upstairs bedrooms or add-ons.   

Mini Splits Can Handle the Cold!

In the winter, air source heat pumps collect ambient heat from the outside air to bring indoors. This leads many homeowners to believe that they can’t perform well in the frigid winters we see in the Ithaca area. However, today’s heat pumps are able to effectively heat your home, even well below freezing temperatures! At Halco, we install LG ductless heat pumps, which offer efficient heating down to -13°F, wifi integrations, and room-by-room controls. 

Don’t Forget: Heat Pumps are Eligible for Incentives

One of the greatest things about upgrading your home’s HVAC system with an energy efficient heat pump is that they’re eligible for tax credits and rebates. The team at Halco stays up to date with all of the incentives available in our service area, here’s what’s available now:

Federal Tax Credits

Heat pump installation, including mini splits, are eligible for a federal tax credit of 30% of the total cost, up to $2,000. This heat pump tax credit can be filed with your annual taxes after the installation is completed and the IRS provides complete instructions on their website.

New York State’s Clean Heat Program

The Clean Heat Program offers variable rebates for heat pump installation to NYSEG, RG&E, National Grid customers. The exact amount for the rebates will depend on your new heat pump’s heating capacity.

Halco: Your Home Comfort & Efficiency Experts

We’ve been helping homeowners throughout the Rochester area with their home performance needs since 1984. Our trained and certified team can help make sure your home is prepared for a heat pump installation, find the right mini split system for your needs, and make sure it’s installed correctly. 


As your one-stop shop for home comfort and efficiency, we like to start every home upgrade with an energy assessment. This ensures your home’s insulation won’t cause extra wear and tear on your heat pump along with allowing us to discover any other potential issues with your home’s performance.


Schedule your energy assessment with our team today. Call 1-833-844-2622 or contact us online.

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