Can I Use Mini Splits as My Only Heating and Cooling Source?

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Aging furnaces and air conditioners, along with rising fuel and energy prices have homeowners throughout the Finger Lakes looking for a simpler and more efficient way to heat and cool their homes. 


Ductless mini-split systems, also known as ductless heat pumps, have emerged as an intriguing answer to this demand, causing many to wonder, "Can I use mini splits as my only heating and cooling source?" 


The simple answer is yes, you absolutely can use mini splits as your sole heating and cooling solution, and it might even be the most affordable way to heat and cool your home!

Understanding Ductless Mini Splits and Their Capabilities

Ductless mini splits, also known as mini split heat pumps, are quite simply heat pump systems that do not connect to any kind of ductwork. Mini splits can be installed directly into the room that needs hot and cold air. They are composed of an indoor air handler, an outdoor compressor unit, and a section of conduit that connects the two. They are also all-electric, meaning they do not require a gas or oil hookup.

Zoning with Ductless Mini Splits

A key advantage of using mini splits as a whole home heating and cooling solution is that multiple indoor air handlers can be connected to a single outdoor compressor, creating a “zoned” system. This means you can easily separate your home into different comfort zones. Each zone can be controlled independently, enhancing energy efficiency and creating customizable comfort.

Getting Mini Split Sizing Right

An important aspect to consider when opting for ductless mini splits as your only source of heating and cooling is the proper sizing of the system. Sizing refers to the system's capacity to output heat or cool air. An undersized or oversized system will waste energy, and won’t last as long. Therefore, it's essential to work with a heating and cooling professional like Halco to accurately calculate the heating and cooling load of your home and size your mini split system correctly. 

Do Mini Splits Work in Cold Climates?

One of the misconceptions about ductless mini splits is that they can't effectively heat a home in colder climates, like that of the Finger Lakes. But modern LG ductless heat pump systems are rated to extract heat from outdoor air down to temperatures as low as -13°F, and our heat pump experts have seen these units operate in even colder temperatures. This means a ductless mini split can indeed provide reliable, efficient heating throughout the winter months.

Perfect Solution for Homes Without Ductwork

While there are heat pumps that can be connected to ductwork, heat pump mini splits are particularly well suited for homes that do not utilize ductwork. In addition to being used as a whole-home HVAC system, mini splits can also be used for supplemental heating and AC in rooms like:


  • Bonus rooms above the garage
  • Finished basements or garages
  • Added square footage
  • She sheds 
  • Pool houses

Mini Splits: A Smart Choice for Heating and Cooling

Ductless mini splits can indeed serve as the primary or even sole heating and cooling source in your home, depending on its design and your comfort needs. With their flexible installation options, zoning capabilities, and impressive energy efficiency, mini splits are a smart choice for many homeowners.


Making an informed decision about your home's heating and cooling system could lead to significant energy savings and increased comfort. So, when considering if a ductless mini split is right for you, remember that a trusted heat pump expert like Halco will ensure you get the most out of your heating and cooling upgrade. 

Is a mini split system the right option for your home? Call the Halco heat pump experts at 1-833-844-2622 to learn how you can upgrade to efficient, all-electric home heating and cooling.

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