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While many companies offer new construction of Net Zero homes, Halco is the only company in the Finger Lakes area that specializes in retrofitting existing homes -- even old homes, built as far back as the 1800s -- into Net Zero homes.

A Net Zero home is a home that provides all the comfort and features of a modern home, but is completely self-sufficient, relying on power generated by renewable energy based systems. In other words, these homes generate all the power they need for heating, cooling, water heating, lighting and electricity, rather than depending on the power generated by the grid. The result is a home in which the homeowners pay virtually no energy bills.

The process of Net Zero retrofitting includes a thorough home energy evaluation, and a series of improvements in insulation and air sealing to tighten up the building's envelope. This is done to make sure the house is able to conserve and use energy efficiently.

Standard heating and cooling systems are usually replaced with geothermal HVAC systems, which harvest heat from the earth to keep the home comfortable. Hot water is usually provided by a Heat Pump water heater, and the electricity used for lighting, appliances, utilities and electronics is provided by wind or solar power systems.

Most existing homes can be transformed into Net Zero, or highly energy efficient ones. If you are considering energy efficient upgrades or looking into ways to switch to Net Zero, off-grid lifestyle, Halco is the only company in Syracuse, Rochester and nearby areas with the experience, technology and expertise to transform the home you already have in one that performs as well as a newly built green home.
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