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This home in Ithaca, NY is separated into 3 distinct apartments to house grad students for a local university.  We were originally called out here to look at an old steam boiler, which was not working properly.  Upon inspection, we discovered that this one 70% efficient boiler was responsible for heating all 3 apartments and that the living areas were cluttered with outdated, clunky floor radiators and large piping that ran between the rooms. 

Our team went in and removed the old boiler, all of the piping and each of the radiators.  We then installed 3 82% efficient hot water boilers that will heat each of the apartments individually.  PEX lines were then run from each of the units under the floors and through the walls to brand new baseboard radiators.  As a result, these apartments will be not only be heated more evenly and efficiently, but the inhabitants won't have to dodge PVC pipes or bulky radiators when walking through their living space anymore!

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