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Halco Case Studies: Trumansburg, NY Customer's 4.14 kW Grid Connected Solar Electric System

Monday, August 1st, 2011 by Hal Smith


We installed a grid-connected solar electric system for this home in Trumansburg, NY.


This 4,140 W (4.14 kW) grid-connected solar electric system was installed as a ground-mounted array of eighteen (18) SunPower 230 W solar modules oriented due South on one (1)Direct Power and Water adjustable-tilt top-of-pole mount.The pole holds eighteen (18) modules arranged in landscape and has dimensions of approximately 15.4 ft x 16.5 ft x 12.9 ft (width x height x depth) at 35° tilt, as illustrated in the accompanying schematic diagram. The system is configured electrically as two (2) DC circuits (strings) of nine (9) series connected modules providing input through one (1) DC disconnect switch to one (1) SunPower/SMA 4000m, 4.0 kW inverter. This inverter provides grid-synchronous AC output and will interface to the electric utility through a dedicated circuit breaker in the Customer's main service panel. System power production (kW) and cumulative energy (kWh) monitoring is provided by a SunPower branded monitoring system, as well as by a digital display on the inverters and an electromechanical meter. As designed, this system should generate an average of 4,676 kWh/year (13 kWh per day), where daily energy production is both weather and seasonally dependent.This energy production corresponds to a CO2 (greenhouse gas) emissions savings of 6,079 lb per year).

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