What Is Whole Home Electrification?

Even though our homes already use electricity, it is often not the only source of energy required to keep a home running with all the amenities we need to stay comfortable and healthy. That is changing, however! Electrifying a home is the process of transitioning to equipment that only uses electricity — doing away with the carbon footprint and safety concerns that come with fossil fuels like oil and natural gas. 

Here is a comprehensive look at what electrifying a whole home here in the Finger Lakes looks like: 

  • Insulation & air sealing
    • While not an electric upgrade, insulation and air sealing keep your all electric appliances more efficient through better home performance
  • Panel upgrades
    • Required to handle the increase in electrical capacity 
  • All-Electric, Efficient HVAC
    • Heat pumps offer all-electric heating & cooling in one, which come in ductless versions or can be connected to central ductwork 
    • Geothermal takes heating and cooling efficiency to the next level, and is a popular choice for homes in the Finger Lakes
  • Heat pump water heater
    • Heat pump technology can also be used to heat your water more efficiently 
  • Induction stovetop
    • With faster boiling times and cool to the touch safety, induction ranges use less electricity than electric resistance ranges
  • Solar PV
    • Generate your own electricity and to offset your energy costs. 
  • Solar batteries
    • Batteries charged by solar panels allow for off grid operation, power during an outage, and greater energy savings. 
  • EV chargers
    • Charge your current and future electric vehicles at home - ideally using your own solar energy!

Comprehensive Home Electrification with Halco

While whole-home electrification doesn't need to happen all at once, it is best done with a comprehensive plan in mind. Halco does it all when it comes to home comfort and efficiency, and our team of experts can put together a plan for you to transition your home to an all-electric future. Call Halco to talk about home electrification in your home!

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Make a plan for an all-electric home designed for efficiency. Call Halco at 1-315-946-6200

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