One Cold Room? Halco Has the Solution

It’s a problem that plagues many homeowners here in the Finger Lakes region. You have one room in your house that is notoriously hard to keep warm, so you turn up your whole-house heating system in order to compensate. While this may finally make that one room bearable, it also makes your living room uncomfortably warm and causes your heating bills to skyrocket.

Surely there’s a better way to improve your home comfort in the winter, right?

The Root Cause of That One Cold Room

If you have an area in your house that becomes especially cold at this time of the year, the root cause could be any number of factors. Common causes of a cold room in the winter (and a hot room in the summer) include:

  • Improperly sized ductwork or HVAC

  • Leaky ductwork

  • Ductwork that isn’t accessible

  • Thermostat is far away

  • Poor insulation or air leaks

  • Room faces away from the sun

It isn’t always easy to determine the root cause behind that one cold room in your house. That’s why we offer home energy assessments, also known as energy audits. During your energy assessment, a BPI certified home performance expert will test your house for inefficiencies and recommend the best improvements for greater indoor comfort — including what you can do to make that one room comfortable year-round.

Install a Mini Split for Targeted Comfort

One of the most effective solutions we recommend for notoriously cold rooms is installing a ductless mini split heat pump by Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating. Whether you have a new addition where ductwork is not accessible, or that hard-to-heat room is simply farther away from the thermostat, a Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini split will provide targeted heating in the winter (and cooling in the summer) for optimum home comfort.

The Benefits of Installing a Mini Split

With a ductless mini split installed in that hard-to-condition area, you no longer have to crank up your whole-home HVAC system just to keep that one room comfortable. Instead, you can run your home’s HVAC system less often and let your mini split provide energy efficient comfort where it’s needed.

Plus, since your mini split is ductless, you don’t have to worry about ductwork leaks wasting valuable energy. All of this could mean lower energy bills, even while you enjoy greater comfort indoors.

One Cold Room? Talk to Halco

For reliable home comfort in all seasons, talk to the team at Halco. In addition to Mitsubishi Electric mini split installation, we specialize in a wide range of energy efficiency services to help Rochester and Syracuse area homeowners make their houses cozier.

Whether you need diagnostic testing to uncover problem areas, insulation in the attic, ductless heating and cooling, or more efficient windows and doors, we’re here to help.

Find the solution that the one cold room in your home needs. Call 1-315-946-6200 or contact us to talk to our comfort specialists!

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