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  • "Your man Matt, is one of the top technicians I have ever..." Read Full Testimonial

    John D. of Wellsburg, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Your man Matt, is one of the top technicians I have ever dealt with. He know his job. Be sure to keep him.P.S. Matt, also has a tremendous personality.
    John D.
    Wellsburg, NY
  • "Very satisfied, Gary and Justin were very polite and professional and helpful..." Read Full Testimonial

    Gary S. of Pine City, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Very satisfied, Gary and Justin were very polite and professional and helpful with any information.
    Gary S.
    Pine City, NY
  • "Dennis did a fine job. He was thorough and professional..." Read Full Testimonial

    Ben B. of Elmira, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Dennis did a fine job. He was thorough and professional.
    Ben B.
    Elmira, NY
  • "Technician was very knowledgeable..." Read Full Testimonial

    Bruce M. of Elmira, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Technician was very knowledgeable.
    Bruce M.
    Elmira, NY
  • "I have already told people of your company and the process and..." Read Full Testimonial

    Loretta Y. of Elmira, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              I have already told people of your company and the process and that I am pleased with all. Everyone, especially Bill and Veronica, have been a pleasure to work with. These kinds of things can be very stressful with the work being done, unknown problems that can arise at the financial end of it, but it has been a pleasure working with professionals in the business who aim to please.
    Loretta Y.
    Elmira, NY
  • "Jim is a real gentleman, friendly, and very concerned about customer satisfaction." Read Full Testimonial

    Cathie R. of Elmira, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Jim is a real gentleman, friendly, and very concerned about customer satisfaction. Good job.
    Cathie R.
    Elmira, NY
  • "I was so happy at this point I was speechless." Read Full Testimonial

    Clayton O. of Elmira, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              My only concern is that you don't pay your people enough! What a team! We smelled gas in the basement in the afternoon on Saturday 3/23. Called NYSEG, they came and found that the control valve inside the furnace was leaking gas big time. So, they red tagged it and shut it off. We called two local repair men. The first claimed to have 24/7 services, but turned out that the guy "on-call" was actually in PA at the time and couldn't get to us until Sunday morning. So, we called the next one and he would come out, but it was going to be $140 with no guarantee that he would be able to fix anything because we had a Singer furnace. Then we saw your ad in the Yellow Pages, and noticed that you offer regular business hours until 9PM everyday. So we called and got a person that actually works at your company (the other guys were using answering services). The nice girl said that she wasn't sure when exactly, but that someone would be to our house that evening and it would only be $89, and he would call ahead. The guy (Pete I think) did call and showed up at our door after dark. We were in the midst of renovating our kitchen, but he still insisted on donning his booties to walk through the kitchen to the basement. Once down there, he got right to work and checked the whole furnace over. He ended up finding a hole and two weld spots on the heat exchanger that were missed by our home inspector (we just moved in this past October). He said that he would have to red tag the furnace on top of the other red tag from NYSEG. Then he called his boss from our basement to see what could be done to get us heat ASAP. His boss told him to call Steve, your VP of Sales and Service. They talked for a bit, and then he handed the phone to me. Steve explained that we wouldn't be able to get a new furnace Sunday, but would have a new one first thing Monday morning. Also, he said that based on our income he would be able to get us a deal through NYSERDA to help with the cost of the furnace. And he would be able to get some other discounts for the time of year, service plan, etc. Also, he mentioned that he would be able to apply the $89 from the service call that day to the balance of the new furnace. And, he said that the tech would be leaving us with 3 space heaters to keep warm until Monday - free of charge!! I was so happy at this point I was speechless. Then Sunday, Steve called me three times to work out all the details of the financing and NYSERDA application. On a SUNDAY!! He had a birthday party for one of his grand kids that evening, and he is calling me to make sure we have everything in order to be able to get the furnace first thing Monday. The installers showed up Monday morning and I directed them to the external entrance to the basement, but they had their booties in hand to walk through the kitchen (still under renovation, but we did finish just in time for Easter). They ended up having to take the old furnace out in pieces because it was so big. They finished the whole installation by 3PM. Then as they were running the drain line for the furnace, they noticed the old saddle valve from where the fridge had hooked into the cold water was leaking (I had capped it, but it was still leaking, so I knew I would have to take it off and seal the pipe at some point). I explained this to them and they went right ahead and fixed it for me and they did a darn good job of it too! So again, I just wanted to reiterate that I hope you pay your people a lot because they sure do deserve it.
    Clayton O.
    Elmira, NY
  • "Eric did a great job - very competent and sociable..." Read Full Testimonial

    Ray W. of Elmira, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Eric did a great job - very competent and sociable.
    Ray W.
    Elmira, NY
  • "We are extremely satisfied with the prompt friendly and informative service that we receive from Halco." Read Full Testimonial

    Ellie & Tim T. of Lowman, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              We are extremely satisfied with the prompt friendly and informative service that we receive from Halco. Steve is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Thank you.
    Ellie & Tim T.
    Lowman, NY
  • "Very satisfied. Thom was so professional informative (explaining details), and pleasant..." Read Full Testimonial

    Eliie & Tim T. of Lowman, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Very satisfied. Thom was so professional informative (explaining details), and pleasant.
    Eliie & Tim T.
    Lowman, NY

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Located in Phelps, New York, Halco is focused on providing high-quality energy solutions to residential and commercial clients. We have divisions that offer high-efficiency heating and cooling systems; home energy audits; and envelope improvements including insulation, air-sealing, and clean renewable energy systems. We are dedicated to quality work, sustainability, innovation, and to providing extraordinary service to our clients.  To learn more about Halco Energy, be sure to check out our listing on Angie’s List

About the Owner

Owner of Halco

Hal Smith

Hal Smith is the co-owner of Halco. He started the business with his wife Tammy Smith in 1984, and has been a constant and primary force in its development into a leading company focused on providing full energy solutions for residential and commercial clients with an emphasis on quality, service, and sustainability.

Meet Our Team


Halco opened its doors in 1984 with husband and wife duo, Hal & Tammy Smith. The business started as Halco Plumbing & Heating DBA, a residential plumbing and heating service and installation contractor. The company continued to grow until 1993 when we incorporated as Halcyon, Inc.

Our Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Expertise

In 1994, we started doing more and more mechanical and commercial service and installation work. It was at that time that we started doing this work as “Halco Mechanical”. Halco Mechanical has continued to grow and has become a substantial part of our business. We currently do a lot of design and CAD work for our mechanical jobs. This work is referred to as "design-build" type work as opposed to traditional plan-spec work.

In 2004, we formed Halco Electric to perform commercial electrical service. Then in 2007, we combined Halco Mechanical and Halco Electric into what we know today as “Halco MEPS”. The mission of Halco MEPS is to provide complete mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sprinkler design-build services to the marketplace.

Halco Energy Solutions

Home Energy Specialists

Also in that time period, we started Home Energy Performance by Halco. We have invested in a lot of training through the Building Performance Institute (BPI Certified Contractor), National Comfort Institute, and the Comfort Institute to bring to our customers the "whole house as a system" approach. This part of our business continues to grow each and every day. Things like energy assessments (audits or evaluations) fall into this part of the Halco sphere.

In 2009, we formed Halco Renewable Energy, which designs and builds solar electric, solar thermal, wind electric, and geothermal heating systems for residential and commercial clients. This allows us to put the final piece in place and work with clients to reduce the energy they are using and produce the energy they need. This approach is focused on reducing costs, providing comfort, and helping our clients take serious steps towards sustainability.

Affiliations and Community Involvement

We are involved with a number of local organizations throughout the Greater Rochester area, including the Rochester Business Alliance. We are also part of the Upstate Green Business Network, which promotes energy-efficient, earth-friendly businesses and services. We have been recognized by the Home Performance with Energy Star Program for our energy-efficient improvements.

The Finger Lakes' Authorized Dr. Energy Saver Dealer

Halco is also a proud member of the nation's largest energy network, Dr. Energy Saver. As the certified Dr. Energy Saver dealer for the Finger Lakes region, Halco has received the extensive training, tools, and resources to excel our current energy specialties. 

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