Robert P.


Title: HVAC Installation Foreman

Robert P. from Halco

Robert joined Halco in 2020 as an HVAC Installtion Technician. His daily tasks include servicing and repairing HVAC equipment. He holds EPA certification which helps him in his daily duties. He likes to work for Halco because he enjoys the learning process that accompanies the workplace. He likes to spend his free time with his family and 2 children. His hobbies include hiking, racing, gardening, and fishing.

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  • By Melissa J.
    Ithaca, NY

    Customer Review

    By Melissa J.
    Ithaca, NY

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  • "I have to say that I was initially skeptical that such a large company could maintain such a client-centered..." Read Full Testimonial

    Dean M. of Groton, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Hal, I wanted to drop a quick note of appreciation for the crew that handled the recent mechanical install of our LG heat pump system. I have to say that I was initially skeptical that such a large company could maintain such a client-centered approach, but your people pulled it off. From my first meeting with Matt Dennis, where I explained that we were just looking for a ballpark cost and some design ideas for our 200-year old farmhouse (so many small rooms...), I could see that HALCO was going to be easy to work with. He took his time, walked through the house, discussed some options and his thoughts, and didn't try to sell us anything. I knew we were at least a few years out from buying anything, so he was just establishing a relationship. Then the NYSERDA rules changed, and suddenly "a few years" became "a few months". Matt came out again and did a full study of the house, including a blower door test. He went back and designed a system for us, and about two months later (delayed for a refi on our house), Dan and Rob showed up to install. Even though our crazy-complicated install (kind of a complex attic) took two days longer than expected, they took the time to do everything right and asked for my input as they went. I grew up in an HVAC business household. Both my father and grandfather owned companies and have run service calls their entire lives, so I know just enough to be dangerous. Plus, I grew up in Florida 20 years ago, so I know nothing of the current state of the art in a cold climate. Nonetheless, everybody was willing to answer my questions and listen to my suggestions about where we might run ductwork, place the air handler, run linesets and electrical, and everything else. As a result, I have a system and an install where there's nothing that forces me to say "I would've done that differently". And I imagine that thanks also go to you for building a culture that encourages getting it right. The fact that all of these guys are trusted enough to work it out in the field and make sure the customer is satisfied and the system is right is a testament to that culture. Thank you. I will definitely call HALCO in the future when the need arises.
    Dean M.
    Groton, NY

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