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Title: HVAC Installation Technician

Tyler L. from Halco
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  • By Brian C.
    Ithaca, NY

    "Everyone I worked with was helpful. Brandon especially before work began."

    Customer Review

    By Brian C.
    Ithaca, NY

    Everyone I worked with was helpful. Brandon especially before work began.

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  • "They were considerate, friendly, and kept me abreast of things (like gas being off). They were very cautious..." Read Full Testimonial

    Ed F. of Cortland, NY

    Customer Testimonial

              Hello. We had our new furnace installed yesterday by Josh and two other young men. We wanted to say how happy we were with everything. Our experience meeting with George for the estimate was a great indicator of your company’s value on professionalism and politeness. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. Frankly, finding an estimator who isn’t pushy, rude, and always after the upsell; who works with you to get you exactly what you want?!... It’s a novelty and a true pleasure. He put us at ease and has been consistently reachable, answering questions and concerns in a timely fashion. (Also a novelty when dealing with estimators). I’ve worked on a variety of crews from construction to wood-stove installation so I have a good idea of what can and does occur on a job site. From dealing with clients to working (more often than not) with nudniks in a crew. I’ve seen it all. Whoever is doing the hiring there has a gift. All three crew guys were outstanding! They worked cohesively as a team, there were no slackers. To be sure the job was done in time, they ate on the fly... like I said, I’ve worked crews, most dawdle and are done on the 8th hour. These young men stayed on, working diligently to be sure we had our furnace in. To boot, ALL three did a check pass of the site to be sure it was cleaned up and in order. UNHEARD OF! They were considerate, friendly, and kept me abreast of things (like gas being off). They were very cautious of our home and treated it with the utmost respect. Seldom do workers treat the clients home this well. These guys treated it like they were in their grandmothers house. (My friends don’t close the doors that gently! Lol.) I would ask that this message be shared with the owner and with the crew, they all should know we are very thankful. Too often workers only hear when they screw up or if clients kvetch. These gentlemen, including George, went the extra mile and deserve recognition. I hope this note is remembered when making future considerations regarding all four gentlemen. We will be singing your companies praises to all who will hear. I know we’ve already got two more fellow teachers to sign up with you. Thank you again for everything. Simply outstanding!
    Ed F.
    Cortland, NY

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